DVBLink 3.2 Released

DVDLink version 3.2 has been released by DVBLogic.

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This free of charge update for existing users includes the following changes:


  • Added: Czech, Chinese and Polish languages
  • Added: EPG program information overwrite on each update. This means that previously incomplete EPG data will be overwritten with a newer one when it becomes available.
  • Added: Channel numbers are taken from xmltv (channel IDs) during EPG channel mapping
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) hangs up during service shutdown
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) crashes during service shutdown
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server (sometimes) crashes when closing server configuration utility (after switching tabs and configuring source(s))
  • Added: adding epg data into the gaps (e.g. no data available gaps in already inserted epg data)
  • Added: channels.xml template for xmltv epg source where time offset can be adjusted per channel. Also HDTV channel flag can be set there. File has to be added manually via editor – no user interface is available (yet).
  • Fixed: pop-up asking to synchronize channels immediately after wake-up (when pressed Yes all channels are deleted)
  • Fixed: Guide information not updating properly after standby
  • Fixed: "DVBLink program has stopped responding" pop-up in MediaCenter/Extender when local MediaCenter is used simultaneously with Extender device(s)
  • Added: New product installer for DVBLink TVSource / Network Pack

DVBLink TVSource

  • Added: EPG from the stream (EIT packets) support
  • Added: TeVii S660 support (changed tuner name)
  • Added: Support for new TBS tuners drivers and tuners (TBS 6921, 8921 and QBox3)
  • Added: Digital Devices CI module support
  • Added: Terratec H7 dvb-t tuner support (changed tuner name)

DVBLink Server Network Pack

  • Added: Guide listings in a web browser and remote timer recordings programming
  • Added: New IPhone/IPad user interface with full web-interface functionality
  • Added: Mobile web-interface (http://x.x.x.x:port/iphone) compatibility with most desktop and mobile browsers (live TV streaming only works for IPhone and IPad)
  • Added: IPhone streaming
  • Added: IPad streaming
  • Added: language selection to UPnP server
  • Added: possibility to disable web server authentication (it is disabled when user name is empty)
  • Fixed: BSE EPG information not appearing via the web server
  • Added: support for Samsung DLNA TVs
  • Fixed: unreliable stream parameters detection on some UPnP players when playing back encrypted channels

Download locations plus installation instructions are available for viewing here.

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