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Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.2.0.903 RC

StableBit DrivePool the disk pooling application with file duplication has a new version available to download. Version RC includes optimized performance when dealing with many thousands of open files, a more intelligent mounting process and localization support for 10 languages. You can download it here:


Lights-Out 2.5 Information

Lights-Out the power saving add-in for Windows Server 2016 Essentials and WHS2011 have published details on their new 2.5 release over on their blog. In a two part series, the post goes over the user interface, automatic software updates, the handling of away mode, three client deployment methods, creating a pre-configured installation package and using […]


Add-In: Lights-Out Maintenance Release 2.0.2

The add-in Lights-Out has been updated. Maintenance release 2.0.2 includes the following changes: Fix #227932 Wake domain is not saved on client side. Fix #625005 Backup wake task is not working for setting “Always on during configured backup time”. Fix #997366 Disabled time span does not count down in console. Fix #498650 Detection of server […]


Advanced Admin Console v1.5.7

The add-in Advanced Admin Console has had its final release with all the licensing and activation code removed. With Advanced Admin Console you gain access to all administrative areas of your server like Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Network Places and many more. It integrates Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer right into the server’s Dashboard. You […]


Update for auto-redirection of WS2012 R2 Essentials for Windows 10 client connector

Microsoft have updated their post on client connector availability for Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 joined to WHS2011 and Essentials 2012. The updated post highlights the availability of an update (3105885) to support auto-redirection of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials for the Windows 10 client connector. Client Connector availability with Windows Home Server, Small Business […]


Add-In: Lights-Out v1.6.1

Version 1.6.1 of Lights-Out has been released. This is primarily a bug fix update which fixes some Windows 10 issues. With added official support for Windows Server 2016 Essentials Technical Preview 3 and Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Lights-Out for Windows Home Server 2011 and Windows Server Essentials 2012 (R2) Added support for Windows […]


Add-In: StableBit Scanner v2.5.2.3103 BETA

The beta release of StableBit Scanner has been updated to version BETA with the following change log: * Windows 10 support. – Recompiled everything using Visual Studio 2015. * Updated WiX Toolset to 3.10 RC. * Licensing fixes. More details on StableBit Scanner, the advanced hard disk surface scanner and monitor is available from here.  


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.2.0.651 BETA

StableBit have updated the beta version of their pooling add-in, StableBit DrivePool. Version BETA has the following change: Fixed service crash when last disk in a pool was removed. As always more information on StableBit DrivePool  is available from here.    


Add-In: Drive Bender v2.3.9.0

Drive Bender has been updated to version with many fixes and updates: [u] Improved overall start up performance when one or more drives have not connected. [u] Add registry value to override for email “sender”, under “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender” as a new string value “Email From Override”. [b] When deleting a pool under the Drive […]


Add-In: Lights-Out v1.6.0 Build 2375

Lights-Out version 1.6.0 has been released with full Windows 10 support. The add-in from Green-IT now supports Windows 10 as client on Windows Server Essentials as well as on desktop server operating systems, and also has the following bug fixes too: Overflow issue if more than 10 network cards are in use Tooltips longer as […]