Hi, my name is Philip Churchill. I live in Kent here in the UK with my wonderful wife Sharon. ūüėČ

For the last 10 years or so I have been a PC Engineer, an OEM system builder of PCs and a PC help slave to friends and family (I am sure we have all been there!). I would hope by now that I had a 99.9% knowledge of computing, but like most of us that PC tower in the corner of the room still has me scratching my grey matter every now and again.

I have also been a Microsoft beta tester since 2004 bug busting numerous software applications including Vista and Windows Home Server.

Well what is this site about then I hear you cry ask?

Microsoft’s Windows Home Server (WHS). One of the best ever products to come out from Redmond in the US. WHS will¬†automatically backup and restore your PCs and allow you to share and access files from any¬†machine in the house as well as giving you remote access to those files and PC’s as well. WOW! believe me this is good. So good that I have started this website. That’s how impressed I am with it.

So Hopefully ūüėČ with my PC knowledge and my “hands on” with WHS my¬†experience’s will be written here along with tutorials, articles, information and relevant news on WHS Version 1, Vail and Aurora.

For Now

MSWHS – Your Personal Guide to MicroSoft Windows Home Server