Velocity Micro NetMagix HomeServer


On sale from the 9th December (2007), the Velocity Micro NetMagix HomeServer is a small, sleek unit that can be situated in a horizontal or vertical position. Starting with 500GB of expandable storage capacity. It is available with the following specs for $899:

  • Black Chassis
  • Dual Core E2140 dual 1.6GHz Processor
  • 1x 1024MB Corsair DDR2-800 PC6400 Memory
  • 500GB Hitachi 7200rpm 16MB Cache SATA 300 w/NVQ
  • 2 Integrated 10/100/1000 LAN (Rear)
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports (2 front, 2 rear)
  • 2 FireWire (both rear)

The system can be further customized by adding further storage using Velocity Micro’s system configuration tool.

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  1. JohnCz says:

    Overpriced. 500GB NAS (DLNA compliant and includes backup software) from BuffaloTech goes for less than $330. Now I would expect a premium for a WHS since its more flexible…but not $560 more. For WHS to sell to mainstream customers I think the price sweet spot will be
    $399 for 500GB
    $599 for 1TB

  2. Amen to that comment. I’ve noticed that almost all the WHS boxes coming out are way overprices for “bare bones” components. Many of them are using Celeron chips with 512MB of RAM — the most basic (and cheapest) of configurations you can get nowadays.

    What’s worse, a lot of vendors are selling systems with ONE hard drive in them. So the POWER of WHS in duplicating files in case of a hard drive crash is taken away. And we all know that hard drives will crash — and then people are going to be upset at Microsoft for losing their data when it wasn’t their fault to begin with.

  3. JohnCz says:

    Just a guess, but OEM’s will hit the pricing sweet spot sometime next year. In the interm, Microsoft will likely be more successful selling the WHS software to ethusiasts.

  4. JohnCz says:

    Btw, Gizmodo is reporting that Intel is preparing to offer the SS2400-EHW (basis for Velocity’s WHS) for $500. Though that does not include harddrives or WHS software.

    It seems to me, that laptop manufacturers should seriously consider entering WHS market. With Asus $399 EeePC 4GB notebook, there is no excuse for WHS hardware to cost so much.

  5. Hi Johnz,
    Thanks for your comments. I agree a sweet spot in pricing will be reached later on. There will be more manufacturers, OEM’s etc providing systems, which naturally make more competition thus lower prices.

  6. Hi Robert Stinnett,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree venders selling WHS systems with 1 hard drive does seem to defeat the object of data duplication. We could say just buy another drive and pop it in, but how many average home users are going to do that?

  7. BrianL says:

    I have one of these things, and I absolutely love it. Three reasons:
    1. It might be a bit expensive, but it is a MUCH better box than HP’s with a better processor and more memory.
    2. To me at least, it is much better looking. I could put this in my stero rack and not be ashamed of it.
    3. It is much easier to work on (add hdd’s and such)

    The automated backups make my life much easier. I would buy one again in a heartbeat. My only complaint is the documentation. There needs to be better instructions on setting the system up (physically) and installing new hdd’s. Other than that, perfect.

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