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Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.2.0.903 RC

StableBit DrivePool the disk pooling application with file duplication has a new version available to download. Version RC includes optimized performance when dealing with many thousands of open files, a more intelligent mounting process and localization support for 10 languages. You can download it here:


Lights-Out 2.5 Information

Lights-Out the power saving add-in for Windows Server 2016 Essentials and WHS2011 have published details on their new 2.5 release over on their blog. In a two part series, the post goes over the user interface, automatic software updates, the handling of away mode, three client deployment methods, creating a pre-configured installation package and using […]


Drive Bender Version 3 Details

Drive Bender the add-in which allows storage pooling is due to be upgraded to version 3 any time soon. New features for version 3 include: Application whitelisting, which allows only whitelisted apps to write to the pool (or specific folders). Improved licensing that will allow users to manage their own license keys (aka release from […]


Add-In: StableBit DrivePool BETA

Covecube have released a beta version of StableBit DrivePool there disk pooling application with file duplication. This new BETA comes with a substantial list of bug fixes, support for ReFS, an improved drive removal process, along with a brand new feature called hierarchical pooling. A blog post detailing the changes is available here, whilst you […]


WHSClamAV on GitHub

Remember WHSClamAV? WHSClamAV is a antivirus add-in utilising the open source antivirus engine ClamAV which was released for WHS version 1. Developer Al West has put WHSClamAV up on GitHub so people can now contribute to the project. Al states: I’m hoping to get a bit of collaboration going on this as I don’t have […]


Add-In: Drive Bender v2.6.0.0

Since we last mentioned them, Drive Bender has had 2 updates to its pooling and file redundancy addin. Now at version, the add-in has the following changes: Release v2.6.0.0 release (2017-05-20) [b] Folder repairing during a health check was not reporting errors correctly. [u] Improved logging for balancing issues. [u] Improved logging for folder […]


Add-In: Lights-Out Maintenance Release 2.0.2

The add-in Lights-Out has been updated. Maintenance release 2.0.2 includes the following changes: Fix #227932 Wake domain is not saved on client side. Fix #625005 Backup wake task is not working for setting “Always on during configured backup time”. Fix #997366 Disabled time span does not count down in console. Fix #498650 Detection of server […]


Add-In: Drive Bender v2.5.5.0 Beta

A beta release of Drive Bender the pooling technology add-in is available. Release v2.5.5.0 beta has the following change log: [u] Much of the core has been updated to use our new code base. [b] When restoring a pool, an empty pool could be created in addition to the restored pool. [b] When an internal […]


Add-In: Drive Xtender Coming Soon

Division-M the company which brings us Drive Bender have announced a new product, Drive Xtender. Drive Xtender is a hybrid of Drive Bender and Cloud Xtender in one neat package. Over the years Division-M have learned a lot with regards to pool performance and product usability and this new product is a game changer for […]


Lights-Out Support Forums

GREEN-IT Software who produce the add-in Lights-Out have moved their support forums. The new forums are here You can see, they provide 4 sub-forums. One for announcements, and the other three for Lights-Out Version 2, Version 1 and Lights-Out Mobile. Just register a new user account here and accept the forum rules and […]