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We have two new videos for you on Windows Home Server. The first one is at Channel 10, the place for enthusiasts with a passion for technology where Product Manager of the Windows Home Server team Charlie Kindel talks and shows us the newly released small HP MediaSmart Server and it’s screwless hot swap drive facility. You also get a chance to see the round “hockey puck” Home Server prototype and see the Home Server Charlie built himself and uses at work.

Windows Home Server now available!

Available from here as a MP3, WMA, WMV, Zune, PSP or iPod file.

The second video is on the developer site Channel 9 where Lead Developer Chris Gray shows you Home Server’s extensibility model (fully .NET managed APIs) and talks about some of the add-ins customers have created. Chris demos a few simple add-ins to show how easy it is to extend the Windows Home Server admin console using Visual Studio. He even provides the source code.

Available as a WMV, WMA or MP3 from here.

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