HP MediaSmart Server Data Sheet Available

Over on the HP MediaSmart Server page at HP, they now have a link to the data sheet for the EX470/EX475 models.

MSS EX470 EX475 r2a sl 10 12 070001    MSS EX470 EX475 r2a sl 10 12 070002

Thanks to Josh Pearl for the info.

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  1. Bob Crook says:

    I saw this this morning but wasn’t too sure if it was really new information. Thank you, Philip. Are they getting close to announcing availability? I hope so. I also hope that they offer addtional drives to fill the two empty bays.

  2. Will says:

    I hear Amazon will start taking Pre-orders on November 1st, and HP Home & Home Office will start selling them on November 15th.

  3. They look like nice machines, but the lower-level model only has one hard drive, so out of the box the user experience is going to be impacted because you can’t do folder duplication — which means if the hard drive fails you are out of luck. That is one of the best features of WHS, in my opinion.

  4. George says:

    Hello All. Philip may want to weigh-in on this as he is planning to buy one of these guys soon. I will stick with my “Home Brewed” WHS maching for a while but I’m really, really ready for one of these and my just go ahead and bit the bullet in the next six months.

    Here is what I really wanted to say. HP will not like this but you will. I highly recommend you just get the EX-470 version of the server. Why? Because if you shop carefully you can find a 500GB internal Sata drive (in the US at least… I got the one I have in my WHS at Newegg but there are other good places as well) for around $99 plus shipping. That brand new are ready to just “snap-in” to one of the Ex-470’s bays, no tools required… no joke… it is so simple. I have even seen a referbished, but like new, 750GB internal Sata II drive at Computergeeks.com $139 plus shipping, but that one only occasionally appears. This is much cheaper than buying you Hard Drives from HP either pre-installed in the EX-475 or for HP Directly.

  5. Bob Crook says:

    Good comment, George. However I personally have no experience with the HP warranty. Depending on the warranty and the feelings/experience of the end user, it might be simpler just to fill the bays with whatever HP can provide at point/time of sale.

  6. Hi all and thanks for your comments.
    Bob Crook. I was told it would be released in January 2008, but if what Will says is correct, then that is excellent news. I agree will your comment a 3 and 4 drive option would be excellent and I am sure their marketing people are considering it. Buying a 1 drive HP unit and buying your own drive to put in it will most likely invalidate the warranty – we will just have to wait and see.
    Will. Where did you hear about the November 15th date? Thanks.
    Robert Stinnett. A one drive unit does defeat the object of the capabilities of WHS in my opinion. Now selling a one drive unit to Mr or Mrs Average, would they upgrade and put another drive in? I don’t think so.
    George. Excellent advice, I am sure many will do just that, but as Bob says I hope warranty will not be an issue.

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