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Dynamic DNS (DDNS) or A backup for

As you may know Microsoft temporary provides the sub domain to make it easy for you to establish a connection to your Windows Home Server remote access page (Web Interface) without needing to track the IP address. The method of keeping this easy to remember name linked to a changing (dynamic) IP address in real time is known […]


Setup Static IP for Windows Home Server

If you have installed additional applications on Windows Home Server you would have setup port forwarding which enables your router to forward ports to the server’s IP address that you specified. Whilst this would work when you initially set it up, after restarting your WHS it would most probably get a different IP address. When […]


Is there a Problem with your Security Certificate?

If you are using a computer without the connector (console) software on it (e.g. at work trying to access your home server) and you try to connect to the web interface of WHS then the following error appears: Home PCs with the connector/console software installed have the server’s certificate automatically installed during connector setup. Computers without the software installed don’t […]


How To Install uTorrent on Windows Home Server

I used to use my PC to download torrent files whilst sleeping, but since my PCs are now turned off overnight and Windows Home Server is on 24/7 it seemed logical to install uTorrent onto WHS. The other advantage of installing it on the server was that if more than one of us in the house was […]


What Ports do I forward in my Router for WHS?

Some of you have emailed asking which ports you need to forward on your router for Windows Home Server. So here we go: The first port to forward to your WHS is the “standard web traffic” (HTTP) port 80, although this is optional. If you don’t forward it, you can access your WHS machine using […]


Tutorial – How to backup WHS using IDrive-E

After my review on Online Offsite WHS Backup Solutions, the winner of the gold award was IDrive-E. A few installed it and are happy but a couple of you asked for my own configuration details and a walkthrough. So without further ado, here it is: Remote Desktop into your WHS and install the IDrive-ESetip.exe. Install it to the default […]


Problems accessing WHS Web Interface. Ports 80 and 443 Blocked?

More and more Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) are blocking the default ports which allow access via the web interface to your Windows Home Server. With this workaround we will have you remotely connecting to your server using your favorite browser. The two ports in question here are 80 and 443. If your ISP is only […]


Create a New User Account Directly on the WHS

If you are going to install third party applications on your Windows Home Server like uTorrent, eMule, ORB etc. For security reasons it is best to do so under a new user account. Below I shall explain step by step how to accomplish this. Using Remote Desktop Connection, (Start, Accessories) connect to your WHS as […]


Installing Connector on Home PC issues

If you are having problems installing the Windows Home Server Connector on your home PCs and having “join” issues, there is some great troubleshooting information to be found here.


Have WHS shown correctly in your Windows Vista Network Map

Windows Vista Network Map before the LLTD Responder install. Those of you using Windows Vista can now have your WHS shown correctly in your Vista Network Map by having the LLTD Responder for Windows XP installed on your WHS machine. Download the LLTD Responder for XP from Microsoft’s website. Run the exe on your WHS […]