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Apple Release iTunes 10.0.1 To Fix Windows Home Server Issues

Andrew Edney over at has just posted about the Apple iTunes 10.1 fix which will fix bugs that Windows Home Server users have been stuck with since iTunes 10 was released around a month ago. Streaming issues and generally not working correctly with WHS, are just some of the problems users have had to […]


Serious Bug for Add-In OnTheFlyUnzipper

It’s come to our attention that the add-in OnTheFlyUnzipper has a serious bug. If the add-in is uninstalled it will remove two Windows Home Server files with it. Good news though, the German Homeserver Blog says that the error was immediately corrected and a new version has been posted. For those of you with a […]


Stop False Password Nags from the WHS Client

If you have installed Windows Home Server and previously had RC1 installed, or another machine on your network had the same name you are now using for WHS, chances are you might run into the situation where the WHS connector software on the client machine is always telling you that you need to “Update Your […]


The Knowledge Base is Expanding

Four more Knowledge Base articles have been published by Microsoft for WHS. You receive a disk-related error message or a network adapter-related warning message when you try to install Windows Home Server 939424. How to troubleshoot a problem that occurs when a digital media receiver cannot locate the Windows Home Server-based computer on a network […]


The first Knowledge Base articles for Windows Home Server at Microsoft

The first Knowledge Base articles for Windows Home Server have appeared on Microsoft. KB articles 939426, 939217, 939427, 939428, 939429 and 939218 all deal with issues relating to setup and backup. Lets have a look at them: Article 939426 entitled Data may not be migrated or duplicated as expected in Windows Home Server explains why data […]


Installing Connector on Home PC issues

If you are having problems installing the Windows Home Server Connector on your home PCs and having “join” issues, there is some great troubleshooting information to be found here.


My RC1 Installation Adventure

Well I went from Beta2 to the CTP build and yesterday to RC1. The sata hard disks were discovered correctly and no additional storage drivers were needed as was the same with the previous two builds. I did not even have to generate a new product key as any unactivated ones unused from the CTP […]


Avoid Setup Errors

As reported from posters at Microsoft’s WHS Forum the WHS setup can fail will all sorts of errors where the root cause was either a corrupted download, an unverified burn of a DVD/CD, poor quality media, mismatched media (e.g. DVD-R used in a DVD+R drive) or malfunctioning CD/DVD-ROM readers. In the previous Beta 2 and CTP releases […]


ERROR The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

When a user establishes a Remote Desktop connection to the WHS this connection will remain active until the user selects “Log Off” from the Start Menu. If a user simply closes the remote desktop window when they’re finished, that username will still remain logged on. The software running on the WHS to facilitate the Remote […]