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Jungle Disk Public Beta Available

A free public beta version of Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server is now available for download after being requested from many Home Server adopters since being announced as one of the winners of the Code2Fame contest.    The online backup solution for WHS can be downloaded from here. for support and feature requests see […]


KeepVault Updated

KeepVault the online backup solution for Windows Home Server has been updated. The original version for WHS 2.10 was released on 5 November (2007). This latest update 2.12 dated 11 November (2007), incorporates the following: Optimize retry attempts after network connectivity issues Set file scanning thread to low priority Data compression optimization Fix high CPU […]


Exclusive: Extra 10% Off KeepVault for WHS

We discussed the other day that the online backup service for Windows Home Server was out of beta and available for purchase. Finally, we have a way to protect our Home Server’s if you unimaginable happens, and we come home from a night out to find the house burnt down, flooded or …you get the […]


Unlimited Online Backup for Windows Home Server

Proxure, has officially announced KeepVault for Windows Home Server. The KeepVault family of products let users automatically backup all of their media files online for storing, managing and anywhere access as we discussed here. Using the easy to use KeepVault for Windows Home Server application, files on Windows Home Server are backed up online, for […]


Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server Review

We were sent a private beta of Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server, an online, off site backup solution for Home Server. Once the add-In was installed we were able to use the new Online Backup tab under the settings dialog to configure Jungle Disk. From here we clicked the link to take us to […]


Backup – What I Love And What I Want

All hard drives fail. It’s not a matter of if but of when. Since you are reading this, chances are computers are mission critical in your home. Windows Home Server (WHS) is the best solution for backing up the computers in your house. You can rest easier knowing that if a hard drive fails you […]


Backup Windows Home Server via FTP

Remote or off-site backups are a great solution for those who wish to protect their WHS files from fire, flood or theft. This adds a great layer of redundancy in case of catastrophic loss. For WHS there are a few remote or on-line backup options out there (iDrive-E, Mozy, Carbonite) and some even offer a […]


Add-In:KeepVault WHS beta 2.1 – An online backup service for your WHS

We reviewed KeepVault 2.0 in the past and was impressed and now KeepVault WHS beta 2.1 is available for download. KeepVault is an online backup service for your Windows Home Server. The software fully integrates into the Home Server console enabling you to select which shares you want to protect. It then monitors for changes/additions […]


When I open a backup I get a dialog box asking me to restart my computer. Why do I get that?

Tom Ziegmann part of the Windows Home Server Team has just posted this over on the Microsoft WHS forums: You will get a message saying that “Windows has installed new devices, in order for them to be fully functional you need to restart your computer.” You get this message because when a backup is opened […]


Add-in KeepVault has expired (for Now!)

As of 01 July 2007 the beta of Proxure KeepVault expired. It will be publicly available later this year as part of AMD LIVE! This add-in which fully integrated to the Windows Home Server console enabled you to select which shares you wanted to protect for offline storage. It also: • Monitored for changes/additions to […]