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Installing the Connector Software on Vista x64

Microsoft are currently internally testing an x64 Connector for Windows Vista Machines, which should be available between December 07 – March 08. Unfortunately a Connector for XP x64 will not be available, but what can you do in the meantime if you want to install the Connector software on your Vista x64 machine. Well, good […]


Easy Photo Sync For WHS

This is a review of PhotoSync Beta2 for Windows Home Server. It’s an Add-In that automatically uploads photos from your server to your Flickr account. Installation. Installation was straightforward and simple. The steps were as follows (Steps 1-4 apply to any Add-In): 1. Download the msi file to a machine on your network 2. Open […]


Remote Access Timeout

When using remote access you may find that uploading or downloading a large file or a group of files will cause the connection to time out before the operation finishes with the error message “The remote connection to the computer timed out. Please connect again.” By default, remote access is configured to timeout after 20 […]


Tick, Tock … What’s Up with the WHS Clock? – Time Synch Problems

One thing that surprised me when I was installing Windows Home Server was the fact that it didn’t ask me for a time zone.  Sure enough, when it finished booting up after the install the time was 2 hours off for me.  WHS defaults to GMT -8, which is great if you live in California, […]


Backup Windows Home Server via FTP

Remote or off-site backups are a great solution for those who wish to protect their WHS files from fire, flood or theft. This adds a great layer of redundancy in case of catastrophic loss. For WHS there are a few remote or on-line backup options out there (iDrive-E, Mozy, Carbonite) and some even offer a […]


Stop False Password Nags from the WHS Client

If you have installed Windows Home Server and previously had RC1 installed, or another machine on your network had the same name you are now using for WHS, chances are you might run into the situation where the WHS connector software on the client machine is always telling you that you need to “Update Your […]


Installing software direct on the server – where to install

When installing software on the Server directly, it is fine to use the default installation directory (usually C:\Program Files) especially for utility software like defragmentation tools, anti virus solutions and third-party backup software. But remember the system drive C: has only 20GB allocated to it (in the RTM version), so installing too much software on […]


Copy Data to your Home Server the Correct Way

When copying data to your Home Server always use \\<server name>\<share name> rather than D:\shares\<share name>. Files copied to the shares via \\<server name>\<share name> are managed through Drive Extender but if you copy files directly they may not be put in the correct location (particularly if you have more than one drive in your […]


Searching for the Cheapest Copy of Windows Home Server

I’d like to give you some techniques for searching for a copy of Windows Home Server in your country at the cheapest price possible. What to Search for You could do a basic search using the product family name of “windows home server” or just whs, but naturally even using a localized search engine like […]


Access your Shared Folders

You can access your shared folders on your Windows Home Server by either clicking on the “Shared Folders on Server” icon on the desktop or by right clicking the Windows Home Server tray icon and left clicking the “Shared Folders” text. You may also map your shares to a drive letter on your PCs (client) […]