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Trusted Certificate from Microsoft Street Value $100 5 Year Expiration Date – FREE

As previously posted the update due on Tuesday November 27th will amongst many other things improve the remote access experience for Windows Home Server users by providing them with a “trusted SSL certificate” for their home servers. That means customers will be able to access their home server from outside the home without any security […]


Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server Review

We were sent a private beta of Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server, an online, off site backup solution for Home Server. Once the add-In was installed we were able to use the new Online Backup tab under the settings dialog to configure Jungle Disk. From here we clicked the link to take us to […]


Remote Access Timeout

When using remote access you may find that uploading or downloading a large file or a group of files will cause the connection to time out before the operation finishes with the error message “The remote connection to the computer timed out. Please connect again.” By default, remote access is configured to timeout after 20 […]


Give Grandma and Grandpa Access To Your Photos Even Though They Are Thousands of Miles Away

One of the “silent features” of Windows Home Server is the ability to give people access to your shared folders even though they aren’t even in your household.  You don’t need to associate user accounts with computers, which means you can create as many users as you need in WHS and them assign them permissions […]


French Home Automation Webcast

Microsoft enthusiast and evangelist Benjamin Gauthey has posted a two minute Webcast in French showing a D-Link IP camera being remotely controlled via the web sites pane within the remote management interface of Windows Home Server. Available from here. English translation by Google.


Add-In: OnTheFlyUnzipper – Automatic Unzipper

Imagine this scenario. You are at a friend’s house and you want to upload 25 files from his PC to your WHS using the upload feature from the Shared Folders tab within the web interface. Now if you have tried this you will know that it takes forever, but no longer. The latest news from […]


What Ports do I forward in my Router for WHS?

Some of you have emailed asking which ports you need to forward on your router for Windows Home Server. So here we go: The first port to forward to your WHS is the “standard web traffic” (HTTP) port 80, although this is optional. If you don’t forward it, you can access your WHS machine using […]


Problems accessing WHS Web Interface. Ports 80 and 443 Blocked?

More and more Internet Service Provider’s (ISP’s) are blocking the default ports which allow access via the web interface to your Windows Home Server. With this workaround we will have you remotely connecting to your server using your favorite browser. The two ports in question here are 80 and 443. If your ISP is only […]


How do I View the WHS log files?

You can view the WHS log files from a remote desktop connection (under Start->Accessories) to the server or from the web interface if you have done what was discussed here to get the full Home Server desktop and not just the console.  Make sure that you logon as Administrator with your WHS password. Then go to […]


ERROR The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections

When a user establishes a Remote Desktop connection to the WHS this connection will remain active until the user selects “Log Off” from the Start Menu. If a user simply closes the remote desktop window when they’re finished, that username will still remain logged on. The software running on the WHS to facilitate the Remote […]