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Microsoft WHS Forum Issues

Now that Microsoft’s Windows Home Server Forums have been updated, some users are still experiencing sign in problems. There are two potential issues: Forums SSL certificate: An issue with the Forums SSL certificate was preventing some users from signing in. This has been addressed. You do not have to clear cookies to get this fixed […]


Windows Home Server Wallpaper

ZeRaTuL-A has some Windows Home Server Wallpapers for you. They are available in three sizes (1600×1200, 1280×960, 1024×768) both with and without the WHS Logo in the bottom right hand corner. These should brighten up your Vista or XP desktop. Download


Poll Results and Vote

Well our Poll has finished for Will you buying a ready made WHS (HP etc) or buying just the software? We had a total of 199 votes (WOW!). 172 of you said that you would be buying the software only and the other 27 of you said that you would buy a ready made unit. […]


Welcome "Daily Rotation" Readers

Daily Rotation has added us to its list of tech headlines. The site carries headlines from over 300 tech sites all on the one page. Each headline links to the story it refers to and you can easily configure the page so headlines from only the sites you selected will only be displayed. These configurations […]


When I open a backup I get a dialog box asking me to restart my computer. Why do I get that?

Tom Ziegmann part of the Windows Home Server Team has just posted this over on the Microsoft WHS forums: You will get a message saying that “Windows has installed new devices, in order for them to be fully functional you need to restart your computer.” You get this message because when a backup is opened […]


4 more OEM Partners added to the list of WHS Hardware Manufactures

Well we now have four more OEM partners added to the list of Windows Home Server hardware manufactures. Iomega, Fujitsu-Siemens, Velocity Micro and Tranquil PC. The Iomega, is an expandable consumer networking product that will include up to four hot-swappable drives and the Fujitsu Siemens unit, called the “Scaleo Home Server,” will include 500GB of […]


Add-in: Program Launcher – Launch any Program from within the WHS Console

Program Launcher from Red D Solutions enables you to launch any application directly from the Windows Home Server Console just by entering the Program Path and Program Name.It comes with 4 applications already setup. Desktop, Event Viewer, IIS Manager and Windows Explorer. You can add any other applications you wish e.g. Task Manager. This is a very […]


RTM Documentation is available

The RTM English version of the Windows Home Server Getting Started Guide has been posted to the download center on Microsoft’s web site. French, Spanish and German versions will follow in the next few weeks. Also available for download is the Windows Home Server Reviewer’s Guide which has detailed descriptions about the features and functionality […]


RTM button-pushing ceremony Video

Tom Z. part of the Windows Home Server team has posted details that the guys from have posted a four minute video from Microsoft’s internal Sign-off party of Windows Home Server v1. The video and Larry Larsen’s write up on the event can be viewed at


100 New Fixes, Forums and Connect to Stay Open and Available Versions!

Now that Windows Home Server has shipped we have some details on the included fixes, info on what will be happening to the Microsoft WHS Forums and Connect web site and details on the availability of the evaluation version including info for MSDN and Technet subscribers. There has been over 100 new fixes with the RTM version, a lot of […]