Microsoft WHS Forum Issues

Now that Microsoft’s Windows Home Server Forums have been updated, some users are still experiencing sign in problems. There are two potential issues:

Forums SSL certificate:

An issue with the Forums SSL certificate was preventing some users from signing in. This has been addressed. You do not have to clear cookies to get this fixed but note the following:

· If you are already signed in to Passport, either on Forums on via another site, you should sign out, close/reopen the browser, and sign in on Forums to get the reset.

Cookie issue:

If the above does not clear this up, you may have an old .microsoft.com cookie causing an issue. You’ll need to delete this/these cookies:

In IE:

  1. Go to Tools, Internet Options
  2. On the General Tab click on Settings button in the Browsing history section
  3. click on View Files in the next box
  4. locate and delete your Microsoft.com cookies
  5. Close the open windows and try accessing Forums again.

In Firefox:

  1. Go to Tools, Options
  2. Click the Privacy icon
  3. Under Cookies, click Show Cookies
  4. Delete the cookies under .microsoft.com
  5. Close the open windows and try accessing Forums again.


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