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Add-in Program Launcher Updated

Add-in Program Launcher has been updated to version 1.2 which has now had the blank settings tab removed. The add-in from Red D Solutions enables you to launch any application directly from the Windows Home Server Console just by entering the Program Path and Program Name.


TiVo Publisher add-in for WHS

For those of you with a TiVo machine (USA), the TiVo Publisher Add-In for Windows Home Server installs as a service, which makes your WHS music, photo, and video shares browsable from any TiVo that supports home networking. Well done to developer Rob. I am sure those of you with a TiVo and a Windows […]


Outlook Webmail Add-in for Windows Home Server

Brian Peek over at Coding4Fun has posted an article on how to create an add-in for WHS that will allow users to view their Outlook mail from a web browser. If you have not got the coding knowledge or the 2-3 hours free to complete the project Brain has also posted the sample code for […]


Add-in: Program Launcher – Launch any Program from within the WHS Console

Program Launcher from Red D Solutions enables you to launch any application directly from the Windows Home Server Console just by entering the Program Path and Program Name.It comes with 4 applications already setup. Desktop, Event Viewer, IIS Manager and Windows Explorer. You can add any other applications you wish e.g. Task Manager. This is a very […]


uTorrent add-in UPDATED

The uTorrent add-in by Marcel Nouwens has been updated to version 1.1.1 with many fixes including: When the add-in loses its connection to µTorrent the list will be cleared instead of showing an invalid state. When Auto-Refresh is disabled the Auto-Refresh interval setting will initially be disabled in the settings interface. The current scrollbar position […]


Add-in KeepVault has expired (for Now!)

As of 01 July 2007 the beta of Proxure KeepVault expired. It will be publicly available later this year as part of AMD LIVE! This add-in which fully integrated to the Windows Home Server console enabled you to select which shares you wanted to protect for offline storage. It also: • Monitored for changes/additions to […]


More Online Offsite Backup Solutions for WHS

Following my write up on different online offsite backup providers it was bought to my attention that although IDrive-E offers unlimited backup their pricing page states The concept of ‘Unlimited Storage’ is to facilitate a low one-price plan to backup a PC’s critical data that meets requirement for majority of consumers; there may be some limits based […]


How To Install uTorrent on Windows Home Server

I used to use my PC to download torrent files whilst sleeping, but since my PCs are now turned off overnight and Windows Home Server is on 24/7 it seemed logical to install uTorrent onto WHS. The other advantage of installing it on the server was that if more than one of us in the house was […]


Add-In: OnTheFlyUnzipper – Automatic Unzipper

Imagine this scenario. You are at a friend’s house and you want to upload 25 files from his PC to your WHS using the upload feature from the Shared Folders tab within the web interface. Now if you have tried this you will know that it takes forever, but no longer. The latest news from […]


PhotoSync Beta2 for WHS is Available!

Ed Holloway has posted on his blog that Beta2 of PhotoSync for Windows Home Server is available.The new version has several tweaks, bug fixes and numerous enhancements. PhotoSync monitors your WHS Photos folder or a sub folder within it and automatically uploads the contents to your Flickr account. You can select which photos you would […]