Add-In: My Movies v5.00 Pre Release 8

The pre-release version of My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution has had an update.

My Movies 5 Pre Release Settings

Version 5.00 Pre Release 8 has the following change log:

  • Added: License key changes allowing for branded customer versions of mobile applications.
  • Added: New internal API functions for use with My Movies branded mobile applications.
  • Added: Popcorn Hour NMJ V2 meta-data storage
  • Added: There were some situations where the user was not prompted for external credentials. If you find locations where you can still enter an external UNC path for other server or NAS device, and you do not get prompted for credentials, please report this.
  • Change: You can now enter "guest" as username and no password in the external credentials dialog to connect to open shares.
  • Change: Media Center meta-data storage deprecated. Users are now expected to run My Movies as a Media Center client.
  • Change: Folder Monitoring and Folder Import consolidated in back-end code. Keep an eye out for issues with folder monitoring and folder import.
  • Change: Updates to meta-data storage handlers, letting them store meta-data for Online (File) titles.
  • Fix: TV Series season posters were missing in the Dune interface.
  • Fix: It could require a reboot to get fresh installations running.
  • Fix: There could be problems connecting to the database after restoring a database that was created on another server.
  • Fix: There was a problem opening the category entries in Windows Media Center.
  • Fix: Non-default cover profiles were broken.
  • Fix: Music disc copier could read drive configuration wrong.
  • Fix: Optimize database could fail if there was elements that needed to be marked.
  • Fix: Music disc copying could fail due to an image embed error.
  • Fix: There could still be point confirmation issues in some situations.
  • Fix: The browsing dialog for adding folder monitoring folders did not allow to select local paths.
  • Fix: XBMC meta-data storage would fail if there were no genres or studios available on a profile.
  • Fix: Meta-data storage for multi disc titles, or dual side titles could store with wrong filenames on secondary discs or sides.
  • Fix: Monitoring did not work correct for local paths.
  • Fix: Upcoming titles type box was not set to any by default, but was blank.
  • Fix: Issue storing data if more than one metadata storage handler existed.
  • Fix: Removed unmodified since checks for streaming, which could give issues on streaming from Windows devices.
  • Fix: Updating actor profiles would not update images, and could even clear existing images.
  • Fix: User was not prompt for external credentials when entering paths manually.
  • Fix: The external credentials feature did not support using \ or @ for specifying a logon domain.

More information is available from here.

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