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Add-In: Digital ArcHound – Digital Archiving for Windows Home Server

Digital ArcHound is digital archiving software that allows you to quickly store digital copies of all of your documents so that you can not only get rid of the bulky papers, copies of bills, old tax records, receipts, etc, but quickly access them digitally using your Home Server and the ArcHound search engine. Available as […]


Serious Bug for Add-In OnTheFlyUnzipper

It’s come to our attention that the add-in OnTheFlyUnzipper has a serious bug. If the add-in is uninstalled it will remove two Windows Home Server files with it. Good news though, the German Homeserver Blog says that the error was immediately corrected and a new version has been posted. For those of you with a […]


Windows Home Server SDK

For those of you wishing to tinker and write add-ins for Windows Home server, then don’t forget the Windows Home Server Software Development Kit (SDK) in it’s final version is available to help you.


Windows Home Server Toolkit V1 Released

Available at Microsoft’s Download Center is the Windows Home Server Toolkit V1 which is three tools rolled into one install package which will help you troubleshoot issues with WHS. The download comprises the following components: – Error ReportingThe Error Reporting command-line tool gathers diagnostic log files from your home computer and sends them to Microsoft […]


Add-In: Community Feeds for Windows Home Server

Community Feeds for WHS allows you to view RSS and other XML based content feeds on the Internet from your Xbox 360 console. The software supports viewing text with images, listening to audio and viewing videos downloaded from the Internet to your home console. Reads news, weather, sports information, gaming sites and enables you to […]


Add-In: Jungle Disk Online Backup – Powered by Amazon S3

Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server allows you to back up your files stored on your Windows Home Server off-site using the Amazon S3 Storage service from Your data is backed up to multiple data centers around the country. With Amazon S3 there is no minimum and no maximum amount of data you […]


Add-In: Recorded TV Manager for Windows Home Server UPDATED

Rick Drasch has updated his Recorded TV Manager Addin for Windows Home Server. The add-in uses a Windows service application on the Home Server to monitor Media Center recorded TV folders and automatically move or copy content throughout your home server network.  This update fixes problems with installation of the addin, improves client/server synchronization somewhat […]


Add-In: Recorded TV Manager for Windows Home Server

Add-In “Recorded TV Manager for WHS” is based on Recorded TV Manager 2. A stand-alone application designed to help manage your collection of television programs recorded from Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition and Microsoft Windows Vista (dvr-ms files). This add-in is a different incarnation of that software which has been adapted to the WHS […]


Download Manager Add-In 1.9 Beta available

The Download Manager Add-In has been updated to version 1.9 Beta. The changes to this version are a new daily download function that enables you to restrict the transfer limit from 0 MB to unlimited and a new shutdown server after daily download feature. Download


Add-In: WHS – Download Manager Updated

Add-In Windows Home Server Download Manager has been updated to version 1.8 beta. This was to fix a bug where the download’s could not be started or deleted Thanks to the German HomeServer forum for the info – Download.