Add-In: Digital ArcHound – Digital Archiving for Windows Home Server


Digital ArcHound is digital archiving software that allows you to quickly store digital copies of all of your documents so that you can not only get rid of the bulky papers, copies of bills, old tax records, receipts, etc, but quickly access them digitally using your Home Server and the ArcHound search engine.

Available as an add-in for Windows Home Server, you can monitor the status of your digital archives on the server via the console. Which even allows you to make critical backups to external hard drives or memory “thumb” drives for storage in your safe or safety deposit box.


Digital ArcHound is currently available as a free beta and licensing details and a availability date are to be announced.

More information and downloads.

Thanks to We Got Served for the original information.

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  1. I’m glad to see people making add-ins for WHS, but couldn’t save you a lot of money by just getting a scanner and a PDF-creator (such as CuteFTP for free) and do the same thing using folders and directories?

    But, nonetheless, it’s good to see add-ins coming onto the market.

  2. Hi Robert Stinnett,
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Franky says:

    Why doesn’t it make searchable pdf’s ? Even my HP aio can do this. I really would not like to manually insert keywoard to find my documents.

    Olso I really dislike the used colors and layout. In dutch we call this “een tang op een varken”.

  4. Hi Franky,
    Thanks for your comment. Don’t forget to also leave your suggestions with the publisher of the add-in. They can be contacted via email. info at ArcHound dot com.

  5. Nick M says:

    Robert, my wife and I used to save PDF’s similar to how you suggest – however we have been paperless since 2001 and since we started using Digital ArcHound we have archived over 2,000 PDFs! Folders for us worked for a while. Then use used Adobe Professional which was costly, but we’d put all out PDF’s into files and book mark them, it was really slow. Now we scan or download and file really quickly. It is a huge time saver!

  6. William says:

    We are using the latest version 1.3.50 and it is amazing. The times savings is like a dream and the software is solid! Digital Archound is worth every penny!

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