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Create Web Sites or Blogs with Windows Home Server

Telligent have announced that Graffiti CMS, a robust and simple content management platform, is compatible with Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. This will enable customers of Windows Home Server to quickly create Web sites or blogs. With Telligent Graffiti CMS Windows Home Server, you will now be able to easily create simple Web pages for their […]


Unlimited Online Backup for Windows Home Server

Proxure, has officially announced KeepVault for Windows Home Server. The KeepVault family of products let users automatically backup all of their media files online for storing, managing and anywhere access as we discussed here. Using the easy to use KeepVault for Windows Home Server application, files on Windows Home Server are backed up online, for […]


Video Chat for Windows Home Server

The leader in Internet video communications, SightSpeed is to support Windows Home Server. Their video chat service is a new way for you to chat with friends and family over the Internet in real time, face-to-face. The service which is easy to setup and use, allows video calling and multi-party video conferencing using patented video […]


SageTV Media Server for Windows Home Server

The SageTV Media Server is an excellent example of how Windows Home Server can serve as a ‘digital hub’ for home entertainment. You have the ability to stream anything, including live TV (with optional tuner), from the Windows Home Server to any PC or Mac screen at home or anywhere over the Internet with SageTV […]


Embedded Automation Releases mControl Add-In

Embedded Automation the company dedicated to home automation has released the mControl add-in for Windows home server. Based on mControl v2 (Home Edition), the Add-In provides ‘Digital Home’ control functionality to the Windows Home Server platform including the ability to: Monitor and control home security systems and thermostats View and record IP cameras Monitor and […]


Home Server Performance Now Enhanced By Diskeeper Defragmenter

Diskeeper now have a version of their defrag software specifically for Windows Home Server. Families with multiple PCs linked to a server are constantly saving and deleting their favorite music, photos, movies, video and Office files. This causes the files to become scattered or “fragmented” into thousands of pieces across the disk. The more fragmented […]


Avira to Support WHS with Award-Winning Malware Detection and Removal Technology

German security solutions company Avira have announced that they will be offering an award-winning malware detection and removal technology to protect information stored on Windows Home Server. The software which will integrate into the console will offer complete protection against malware attacks on files stored on the server through its on-demand and on-access real time […]


Add-In: Duplication Info – Updated

Wow! as quick as I posted the info about this add-in, a few hours later and it’s been updated already. From version to version, which now includes easier setup via a .msi installer, for conventional setup using the Add-Ins tab within the console. Plus a file size heading has been included within the […]


Add-In: Duplication Info – See How Drive Extender Works

Yotsuba has developed a great add-in for Windows Home Server entitled Duplication Info, which enables you be see what hard drives your duplicated files reside on, enabling you to see how drive extender works.    Since the add-in does not have an installer, it is a bit harder to install, but we will show you […]


Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server Review

We were sent a private beta of Jungle Disk for Windows Home Server, an online, off site backup solution for Home Server. Once the add-In was installed we were able to use the new Online Backup tab under the settings dialog to configure Jungle Disk. From here we clicked the link to take us to […]