Media Sharing in WS2012 Essentials

Paul Thurrot is back, this time with a tip for the WS2012 Essentials user.

How to enable and configure media sharing is Paul’s tip, who explains:

You’re prompted to set up Essentials 2012’s media server as part of the initial setup tasks in the Dashboard. That said, if you skip over this step, you can enable the media server at any time by visiting Settings, Media from the Dashboard. Just click the On button to enable it.

WS2012e Media Settings

Paul goes through the various settings including taking a look at DLNA and Xbox media sharing.

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  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    And, is there any improvement over the train crash that Media Sharing in WHS 2011 turned out to be? Paul doesn’t say…

    Train crash: http://gcoupe.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/the-media-library-in-windows-home-server-2011revisited/

    My guess is that there isn’t. But I’m also not going to pay $425 for the privilege of finding out.

    • Stephen says:

      Actually, it works just fine from my perspective. The remote access to media is also no longer limited by Silverlight, etc.. I can watch a movie saved on my server over the web on my Android 4.1 tablet. I must admit though, I don’t quite see why you even asked the question since you then gave your own answer anyway and then blew off the OS at the end. Why ask if you have already made up your mind?

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