Grid Junction for WHS 2011 Beta Available

Grid Junction v2 for WHS 2011 and SBS Essentials 2011 has now been released for public testing.

The add-in which is designed for Windows Home Server to manage an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) via the Windows Home Server Dashboard is available as a free trial version which will run until January 31, 2012.

Grid Junction v2 UPS Status

Grid Junction v2 Hardware Monitor

Which Battery Backup (UPS) Devices are Supported?
Generally speaking, the most commonly used industry leading uninterruptable power supply manufacturers such as APC, Belkin and Tripp Lite (among others) are known to be supported. But given the vast number of models and variations please check the supported UPS devices list.

Do I need Special Drivers or Software?
In most cases the vendor supplied battery driver or the generic windows battery driver should be sufficient. Unless the manufacturer included specialized software for explicit use on Windows Home Server(s) we do NOT recommend any manufacturer supplied software to be installed besides the driver (if required). In addition we recommend that any users who already installed any of such software to uninstall it before installing the GridJunction Windows Home Server Add-in.

CAUTION: This is NOT the final version please try not to use it on your production/live servers.

If you would like to try a copy you can download it from here.

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