Hard Drive Shortage to Continue into Late 2012

Hard Drive with water

Due to the widespread, long-term flooding in Thailand a 1TB Seagate Barracuda is now $149 compared to the $55 it was a month or two ago, nearly tripling in price in only a few weeks. Likewise a 2TB Samsung hard drive is now £180 in the UK compared to the £50 it was a few weeks back. And even if you want to buy one at these at these prices many retailers are only allowing you to purchase one at a time.

The 1TB hard drives are the ones mostly affected by these increases with some stores selling them at a staggering 180% higher than they previously were, even some would be entrepreneurs are trying to sell them for over  $1000 on eBay

Whilst around 60% of the hard drive output is affected by this flooding it has been said that most of the remaining stock is going to the likes of HP, Dell etc. for their PC making needs.

This hard drive shortage is set to continue into late 2012 until stock and pricing comes back to an acceptable level, so in the meantime what can you do?

  1. Fall in love with the delete key to recover some space
  2. Buy a secondhand computer from the likes of eBay and grab the hard drive, where the price of the PC could be cheaper than the cost of a new hard drive itself.
  3. Perhaps just hold out on that hard drive purchase until the later part of next year, that is if you can wait that long.

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