Add-In: CloudBerry Backup 2.4

The CloudBerry Backup add-in for WHS v1, WHS v2011 and SBS v2011 Essentials has been updated with block level updates for all files with encryption, compression and versioning.

When CloudBerry Backup 2.3 was released the functionality that would back up only the modified blocks of the files to the cloud storage making the overall backup process faster and more efficient was added.  But this feature had one serious limitation – you could only take advantage of it for files larger than 5GB.

With this latest 2.4 release Block Level Backup for files of any size has been added and this feature comes with the ability to do encryption, compression and versioning which was also a limitation of the previous release.

CloudBerry Block Level Backup

Block Level Backup is useful if you want to backup large files such as SQL Server Backup files, MS Exchange Database, Outlook PST files and virtual machine images.

More information on Block Level Backup can be found here whilst info on CloudBerry Backup for WHS can be found here.

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