Add-In: StableBit DrivePool Build 3417

Another 2 releases have been announced for StableBit DrivePool


1st was build 3334 with the following changes:

  • Moving a folder now reports per-file progress. This will keep the progress bar moving even when a large file is in the process of being moved.
  • Added move folder wizard.
  • Enabled shared folder descriptions. Descriptions are stored on the pool in a hidden alternate stream inside the folder record itself. Because of this they are synchronized with the OS on startup and are preserved across different servers.
  • Fixed alternate stream access on directories.

This was followed by build 3417, with the following change log:

  • Fixed error message mangling under some task abort conditions.
  • Added rename folder task to proper concurrency group.
  • Fixed incorrect file size calculation for 4+ GB files (internal to disk tasks).
  • Fixed Dashboard lock-up on start.
  • Fixed access denied when performing disk tasks due to media streaming service.
  • Incomplete repair wizard would not correct de-duplication errors, just duplication errors.
  • Incomplete file repair was marking too many files fixed, even ones on other pool parts that it didn’t scan.
  • Fixed access denied error when removing duplication status from a folder (if file part was read-only).
  • Fixed false positives in the duplication error detection.
  • Fixed error resolving conflicting duplicated files in repair task.

More information on StableBit DrivePool can be found here.

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