Drive Extender Gone but NOT Dead

We told you back in early February about Drive Extender functionality coming to WHS2011 courtesy of the add-in StableBit DrivePool ad since then there has been 2 further announcements from 2 different companies. First up is Drive Bender which is due its first beta release today.

Drive Bender Logo

Similar in features to StableBit DrivePool the difference with Drive Bender is that it will be available for all versions of Windows P and above bringing DE functionality to Vista, Windows 7 and even more platforms.

DataCore Sofware Logo

Second on the list is DataCore software who will be providing an affordable storage solution for Windows Home Server:

“DataCore looks forward to bringing enterprise-class storage to Windows home and small business users. The combination of DataCore with both Windows Home Server and Windows Small Business Server 2011 will help you grow and protect your storage as your needs grow.”

– Carlos M. Carreras, VP of Alliances and Business Development

Drive Extender favorably known as DE may be gone from WHS2011 but its functionality is certainly not dead. We look forward to the first beta releases of these add-ins, and will test and publish our findings

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  1. Scott says:

    I have 12 TB of storage under WHS with DE… I have no idea how I would go about navigating the upgrade process to vail and then somehow get all my shares and data back to a sane area where my household can enjoy its media/do its work etc.

    This is exceptionally daunting and surely for a product aimed at the home market… this would be considered a significant failure from microsoft to deliver value to that segment? Store all your stuff here for 2 years, then when we get sick of it.. buy another system and transfer all your data over..

    I have a server which has been recording the family tv, saving our files backing up our machines really well. I dont have the cash to go out an buy identical hardware simply to upgrade.

    So to my mind all of these DE replacements better have a good plan in place for migration of existing WHS systems.

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