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Gr 7 Up-One of the best-loved and most famous characters in southern literature springs to larger-than-life size thanks to Thomas Becker’s inspired delivery. The antics and adventures of Tom and his friends, Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn, provide hours of solid listening pleasure in this skillfully done fully-voiced narration. Based on a comic exaggeration of Mark Twain’s own childhood experiences and replete with both humor and nostalgia, this recording is an ideal way to introduce a new generation to what many literary critics recognize as a seminal work of American literature. Well-known scenes like whitewashing the fence, bible school competition, rafting the river, and being lost in cave while stalked by the infamous “Injun Joe” all provide listeners with a glimpse into life on the Mississippi in the 1800s a time when river traffic dictated the pace of life in many rural southern communities.-Cindy Lombardo, Orrville Public Library, OH 

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