Restore CD and Evaluation Edition DVD with PP3 Integrated

The latest versions of the Windows Home Server Home Restore CD and the Connector Software CD are available on the Microsoft Download Center for download as well as the Windows Home Server Evaluation Edition DVD software with Power Pack 3 (PP3) integrated.

For all 3 downloads, it is showing as version 2423 which is the version number for WHS with PP3. So get downloading that restore CD just in case you will need it one day soon.


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  1. Scott Baker says:

    Any idea what’s changed in the client restore disk? I wonder if the x files restore disk will still work?

  2. Jon says:

    It looks like they have released PP3 final in the evaluation D/L, and idea when PP3 release hits the updater?

  3. Scott Baker says:

    I’m not at home to verify but I’m pretty sure it hit yesterday.

  4. Scott Baker says:

    Sorry – I meant today – I beleive they said 10 AM redmond time

  5. Keith S says:

    How to remove PP3 Beta? I recall that PP3 does not install if PP3 Beta installed. WHS version remains as 6.0.2361 Update now give no updates available.

  6. ilieke says:

    I noticed the restore CD is an .msi installation file. How is this file used: will it create the CD contents if executed?

  7. Chris F says:

    My WHS needs a reinstall, presumably this evaluation CD can be used as a regular install CD with the correct key?
    My originally install CD is PP1

  8. scott baker says:

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think the evaluation version can be used for a full install.

  9. The Server Install disk is an Eval Version, not a full version. But you could replace the SRV_2003 folder, and “make” it a “Full” version.

    As for the Restore disk, It shouldn’t matter which version of the restore disk you use. You could theoretically use the RTM restore disk on PP3 WHS. Either way, I’ve already finished a new X:\Files Edition of the Restore Disk. 🙂

  10. Scott Baker says:

    When / where can we get this new version?
    thanks Drashna for all your hard work,

  11. Scott Baker says:

    Looks like the new files are here:

    The naming convention is awfully confusing though. I assume he’s correct that.

    thanks again,

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