How to Know when Power Pack 3 is Installed

So how do you know when you have Power Pack 3 (PP3) installed?

Easy, from within the Windows Home Server console go to “Settings” and then the “Resources” tab. Under “Version Information” will be the following information if PP3 is installed

Windows Home Server Console 6.0.2423.0
Windows Home Server Backup & Restore 6.0.2423.0
Windows Home Server Drive Extender 6.0.2423.0
Windows Home Server Remote Access 6.0.2423.0
Windows Home Server Storage Manager 6.0.2423.0

If not click on the “Update Now” button on the “General” tab.

Remember you need PP2 installed for PP3 to get downloaded and beta versions must be uninstalled else PP3 will not be available to you. More details on this are available from here.

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  1. Stu says:

    PP3 is not available for download for me… as of 11:50am EST.

  2. Brett says:

    Not available for me either

  3. Kenneth says:

    Not available for me either (Oslo, Norway)

  4. Tee says:

    12:18 EST still not available.

  5. ilieke says:

    Not yet available for me either (17:20 GMT).

  6. Brett says:

    Available now!!!! GO GO GO!!!

  7. tom says:

    It is up for me Eastern US, 1320

  8. Tee says:

    Got it now. But why does it say evaluation copy? Or is it just me?

  9. jl says:

    I just was able to use WHS windows update to install.

  10. Kiwi says:

    Looks like the connector software on client machines gets updated to 6.0.2423 without even prompting you – nice touch Microsoft.

  11. lm says:

    Does one need to uninstall the PP3 Beta to get the update?

  12. Killervette says:

    Yes, you should uninstall PP3 beta before updating.

  13. Grumpy says:

    Not available in UK either

  14. BahamaBum says:

    I got it here, but it wont install the error code is 0x643, googled to no avail

  15. Dan says:

    PP3 broke my WHS Widget, which was easily remedied by re-embedding it.

    Just putting that out there in case others see the same problem.


  16. sic0048 says:

    I think it is interesting that after installing PP3 – if you look at the computer’s properties (right click computer icon), it still lists “Windows Home Server Power Pack 2” as the current OS. If you check the Resources tab of the WHS Console – it will show “Windows Home Server with Power Pack 3”

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