Another Ideal Home for Windows Home Server

The Shuttle KPC K45 is a barebone system which could be ideal for Windows Home Server.

Shuttle XPC K45 

Available for approx $99 (£80 UK) in barebone form, the unit comes complete with case, an Intel 945GC small form factor (SFF) motherboard and a 100W power supply. You only need to supply your own CPU, memory and hard drive/s.

The motherboard can support 3 hard drives, (2 x SATA II and 1 x IDE ATA 100) and although the drive bay can only hold two of them, a third could be housed within the case at a push. Four external USB 2.0 sockets allow for further expandability.

Shuttle XPC K45 Back

The board can handle LGA775 processors from the Celeron D through to the Core 2 Duo and up to 2GB of DDR2 667 memory. A gigabit LAN port is provided as well as an integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics adaptor

The small cube design is very energy efficient, and uses approximately 30W while idling and less than 55W under full load. Which is roughly 30W less than other systems. It is also very quiet at just 28db.

More information is available on the KPC K45 barebone from Shuttle.

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  1. Scott says:

    For my WHS build, I chose the KPC K48 which also includes a single 5.25″ drive bay.

  2. M.Haas says:

    Guess what, my WHS home server runs on an Asus eeeBox with Fujitsu 320GB disk instead of the originall 80GB disk and only consumes 17 Watt!!! Each additional external USB sata 320GB disk is 3 Watt extra. It works great, is fast, very cheap, almost doesn’t consume any energy, and produces no sound nor heat.

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