Configuring WHS for Remote Access Walkthrough

If you would you like easy to follow steps on how to configure Windows Home Server for remote access then Steven Warren has the details for you over at TechRepublic.

Remote Access Configuration

Read it here.

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  1. I’m a MS certified Pro. I can NOT get Remote Access to configure on my MS Home Server machine. It always fails in configuring my Router. I believe it’s not my Router, however. My Router is configured to Port Forward 80, 443,& 4125 and use UPnP. Non of these ports are blocked by Comcast. I DO have phone service with Comcast and it comes off of my Cable Modem…the same one I use for Internet service. Does this Cable Modem have a hidden firewall or Router? If so, how can I configure it?

    Please help!!


  2. Will Maitner says:

    I have been beating my head against a wall trying to configure remote access with a 2wire router provided by AT&T U-Verse. Every time I get remote access to work, internal networking gets borked. I gave up and I’m going to wait until I kill U-Verse before I try again.

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