MediaSmart Server LED Light Show Hack Can Cause Looflirpa

It’s been announced today that under certain conditions the light display on the HP MediaSmart Server can cause a hypnotic trance effect known as looflirpa. World announced neurologist Dr Paril stated that looflirpa occurs when the MediaSmart Server’s light display is configured using the HP MediaSmart Server LED Light Show hack. During the trance state, those affected have lost up to a whole hour which cannot be accounted for.

Microsoft and HP were not able to comment at the present time but we will bring you more details on this story once additional information is received!

UPDATE: Well, I hope you enjoyed our April Fool? The condition looflirpa (which doesn’t exist) is AprilFool backwards and Dr Paril (who is he?) is an anagram of April. Could you imagine if this was true? OK, perhaps not!

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  1. Leod says:

    Nice April fool!

  2. JohnBick says:

    Heck, I can loose more that an hour playing with my HP MSS!!! Don’t need the light show to compound it!

    No fooling!

  3. david dalva says:

    thank you for pointing out this dangeriuous problem. i trust thatyou will keep us informed as both Microsoft anf HP work to solve this problem before it spreads to the entire community. perhaps a tempory solution would be to place a brown paper bag over one’s head when approching the server.

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