Add-in: Program Launcher – Launch any Program from within the WHS Console

Program Launcher from Red D Solutions enables you to launch any application directly from the Windows Home Server Console just by entering the Program Path and Program Name.
It comes with 4 applications already setup. Desktop, Event Viewer, IIS Manager and Windows Explorer. You can add any other applications you wish e.g. Task Manager.

Program Launcher

This is a very useful add-in, well done to developer Dan Forsyth who had this to say:

“While working on my first add-in I got really annoyed at having a console and a remote desktop session open to check the event log and iis admin tools. So I whipped up a quick add-in that will let you launch any app you want from the console.”

Download Program Launcher version 1.0

UPDATE: Version 1.1 has also been released that solves an icon issue where the icons shown for the application were jarred and B&W. If there are issues with this build you can still use version 1.0

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