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KeepVault the online backup solution for Windows Home Server has been updated. The original version for WHS 2.10 was released on 5 November (2007). This latest update 2.12 dated 11 November (2007), incorporates the following:

  • Optimize retry attempts after network connectivity issues
  • Set file scanning thread to low priority
  • Data compression optimization
  • Fix high CPU usage on large file sets

Existing users of KeepVault can download the update from here.

More information on KeepVault is available in this post.

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  1. Matthew Dougan says:

    Should I go for this or wait for Jungle Disk – I am a bit concerned that Keep Vault will disappear since there are so many companies offering online backup (though not for WHS!).

    Does anyone else find the Amazon storage costs confusing – using their online calculator you have to specify data stored and also how much you upload and download each month! When I tried to guestimate it looked like it was going to cost about £30 a month!

  2. I admit that Amazon may have more clout than KeepVault but there prices portray that too. As you say $30 compared to KeepVault’s $8.25 per month. ($99 yearly divide by 12) is a lot of difference. I have personally been using KeepVault for the last few weeks and find it excellent.
    Proxure the company that make KeepVault have a large product range (http://www.proxure.com/products.htm) and are not just a one product start-up. Also okayPublish (http://okaypublish.com/) provide the backend backup for them, and they themselves are a respectful company.
    I also find Amazon’s S3 pricing confusing. Working out your storage used, amount of data transfered and requests for PUT, GET and DELETE is confusing.

  3. jebo_4jc says:

    I’m having severe performance issues uploading to Keepvault right now. I’ve also seen others having similar issues (http://www.overclockingwiki.org/forums/showthread.php?p=17113#post17113)
    Anybody else?

  4. Hi jebo_4jc,
    Thanks for that link. Is anyone else experiencing slow upload speeds using KeepVault?

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