Sonos Software WHS Compatible


Sonos is a multi-room wireless system that lets you stream your digital music all over your house from any PC which can include a Windows Home Server. Well, good news the software has been updated to version 2.5 build 8646171 which improves compatibility for streaming music tracks from the Windows Home Server and has been praised within their forums.


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  1. TheJudge says:

    Nice set up. Nice interconnectivity. But I’ve seen this before and it’s waaaaaaay over priced for what it is. Too rich for most people….. 🙁

  2. Hi TheJudge,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, the way it all connects together is really good but as you say, price is a factor.

  3. Mem says:

    “WHS Compatible” – Hmm…
    You still need to have an other computer running to be able to listen to music. What sonos has fixed is that it’s software could not read shared directories on whs, something you would really have expected in the first place. Compatible should instead mean that you could run sonos software on the whs to share music directly to the system, but no such luck.

  4. lisa says:

    Dang. Mem is spot on. I want to entirely circumvent the use of another computer. It defeats the purpose of a server to have the music go from the server to the pc to the router to the zoneplayer. That’s a ridiculous amount of overhead.

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