Serious Bug for Add-In OnTheFlyUnzipper

It’s come to our attention that the add-in OnTheFlyUnzipper has a serious bug. If the add-in is uninstalled it will remove two Windows Home Server files with it. Good news though, the German Homeserver Blog says that the error was immediately corrected and a new version has been posted.

For those of you with a version lower than <1.0.5  installed, uninstall using the following information to avoid the Console crashing at startup: 

  1. Log in to the Home Server either locally or via Remote Desktop
  2. Open the folder C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server
  3. Make a backup copy of the files “WHSCommon.dll” and “qsmif.dll
  4. From within the console open Settings, Add-ins and Uninstall the OnTheFlyUnzipper add-in from the Installed tab.
  5. Put the backup copy of the 2 files back to their original locations
  6. Download the new 1.0.5 version (otfu.zip) unzip and put the OnTheFlyUnzipper.msi file into your Software shared folder under \\<ServerName\Software
  7. Re-open the console and install OnTheFlyUnzipper from within Settings, Add-ins, Available tab

A PDF User Guide on how to use OnTheFlyUnzipper, the add-in which automatically extracts uploaded ZIP or RAR archives is available for download from the following page, listed under OnTheFlyUnzipper (Guide(EN)).

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