Give Grandma and Grandpa Access To Your Photos Even Though They Are Thousands of Miles Away

One of the “silent features” of Windows Home Server is the ability to give people access to your shared folders even though they aren’t even in your household.  You don’t need to associate user accounts with computers, which means you can create as many users as you need in WHS and them assign them permissions on individual folders.  Using the WHS web interface, these people can now access your server and browse shared folders — a perfect way to give grandma and grandpa access to see the latest photos of your family from afar!

Using the web interface, they login with the username and password you have given them and then go to the Shared Folders tab.  From there the can view your files, download them to their local PC’s and view or print them off.  You can even give them write permissions which will allow them to upload files — a perfect way for an extended family across the country, or across the world, to share photos and have a “central family server” for storing them on!  The best part about it, it doesn’t matter if they use Windows, Mac, Linux or an old Amiga — as long as they have a web browser and Internet access they can connect up.

Just one more way Windows Home Server helps keep your home, and your family, connected.

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