Speed up File Transfer to your Shared Folders

You may notice that it can take quite a time to move/copy large amounts of data to the WHS shared folders. To speed up this file transfer process I use FastCopy from SHIROUZU Hiroaki.


To get the FastCopy utility to work you have to first map your shared folders to drive letters*.

Copying 9.12GB of files using copy and paste in Windows explorer took just under 37 minutes and with FastCopy the same data took just under 15 minutes. A huge difference! It has saved me many hours moving my 250GB of data to my Windows Home Server shared folders using this utility.

*Map a drive to a shared folder in Windows XP 
*How to map a network drive in Windows Vista

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  1. Ben says:

    Are we sure that the faster copying isn’t bypassing the Home Server specifics which map D:\Shares to the Q-Storage-Manager?

    (read as; Are you _sure_ this thing works in a WHS desktop?)

    I was using a copying program before CTP, and all my data would have incorrect t/d stamps, and other problems.

  2. Hi Ben,

    As far as I can make out it is not interfering with the time/date stamps and I have not had any problems with it at all.

  3. markvader says:

    Why did I read this post only hours after I moved 250gb very slowly to my WHS?

    I might install it before I move another external hard drive of stuff over

  4. Hi markvader,

    I know when I moved over my 128GB it took ages without this program!

  5. Sue says:

    For the record, I had some issues with this program. I was moving a folder between local drives and it kept creating the same folder in a folder in a folder (on the destination drive)… on and on until it was like 25 levels deep. I was unable to delete the tree of nested folders with Windows Explorer, but fortunately FastCopy deleted it and I stopped using it after that.

  6. Shirouzu says:

    Hello, I am author of FastCopy.

    >creating the same folder in a folder in a folder

    I think that it is reparse point(mountpoint/junction/symlink) problem.

    This is general problem in Vista.

    You can reappear by robocopy(standard command) in Vista.

    C:\> robocopy.exe “\users\All Users” \tmp /E

    … “Application data” folder will be created in parent “Application data” folder endlessly until path length over MAX_PATH(260).

    FastCopy v1.6x or under, it can’t understand reparse point, it copy as normal folder/file, and same behavior.

    FastCopy v1.70 or later, it can understand reparse point, it copy/create reparse point as reparse point.

    If you specify commandline option(/reparse=FALSE), it copy/create as normal folder/file.


  7. Thanks for the info Shirouzu.

  8. kikkegek says:

    I copied a single file from my WHS to my USB external HD. No problem.


    But when I try to copy the files from my WHS using a mapped network drive, I get the following errors:

    WriteReparsePoint(File)(Onjuiste functie.1) : Y:\PUBLIC\DOWNLOADS\10.000.BC.RETAIL.DVDRip.XviD-NeDiVx\nedivx-bc10.nfo

    WriteReparsePoint(File)(Onjuiste functie.1) : Y:\PUBLIC\DOWNLOADS\10.000.BC.RETAIL.DVDRip.XviD-NeDiVx\CD1\nedivx-bc10-a.r00

    WriteReparsePoint(File)(Onjuiste functie.1) : Y:\PUBLIC\DOWNLOADS\10.000.BC.RETAIL.DVDRip.XviD-NeDiVx\CD1\nedivx-bc10-a.r01

    nd when I try to copy them from my WHS through the “network envirement”, I get this error:

    FindFirstFile(De syntaxis van de bestandsnaam, mapnaam of volumenaam is onjuist.123) : \\Storm\videos

    what is causing this?

  9. Shirouzu says:

    I don’t know WHS’s symlink behavior.

    In Vista, creating symlink requires administrator privilege.

    I think…

    0. Confirm network drive (it supports junction/symlink?).

    1. Use with administrator privilege.

    2. Copy Junction/Symlink as Target file/folders. … changing “Copying Junction/Symlink’s child folders/files” checkbox(in settings dialog) to off.

    (Sorry, this checkbox’s explanation is wrong. its correct explanation is “Copying Junction/Symlink as Junction/Symlink (not target folders/files)”)

  10. kandor says:


    When using fastcopy with diff(newest) to backup files from whs to a NAS device I sometimes get this error:

    “WriteRarsePoint(File)(The file or directory is not a reparse point.4390) : Z:\old-whs\shares\music\filename.m3u

    Any idea what this is about? BTW thanks for the program!

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