More Online Offsite Backup Solutions for WHS

Following my write up on different online offsite backup providers it was bought to my attention that although IDrive-E offers unlimited backup their pricing page states

The concept of ‘Unlimited Storage’ is to facilitate a low one-price plan to backup a PC’s critical data that meets requirement for majority of consumers; there may be some limits based on what constitutes fair usage. Please see Conditions of Use.

And their Conditions of Use state

…..this limit from storage point is currently fixed at 150GB and subject to changes.

I do wish that when company’s state unlimited that they do mean unlimited and not “unlimited up to 150GB” Sad. Apart from this I am sure that an upper limit of 150GB may be fine for some but not for me.

After a quick browse through my hard drives I figure that I must have in access of 250GB that needs backing up, perhaps you have more or perhaps you only have 5 or 10GB that you want stored offsite. So OK, what is the solution.

Well, here are some recommended online backup providers listed by the amount of data that you require to be backed up:

  • For up to 25GB of storage I would use MediaMax FREE alongside Proxure KeepVault add-in for WHS. And as the package name suggests it is free.
  • IDrive-E Pro for Personal Use allows unlimited storage space for your backups. Although their use of “unlimited” is 150GB. So for backing up 26GB-150GB I would use them @ $4.95 per month.
  • For backing up 151GB-250GB I would use the MediaMax Elite service along side Proxure KeepVault add-in for WHS @ $9.95 per month.
  • And for backing up 251GB-1000GB MediaMax again along side Proxure KeepVault add-in for WHS @ $29.95 per month.

NOTE: For the MediaMax/Proxure KeepVault products you only need to download the Proxure KeepVault add-in for WHS as the signup to MediaMax is included in the add-in itself and upgrades from the FREE 25GB storage to a higher plan (up to 250GB or up to 1000GB) can be performed from within the add-in also.

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  1. Daniel says:


    Thanks, now it seems we have the full spectrum up to very large data collections covered. I am just happy to have 1 Megabite upload speed, would wish could have even more…..


  2. Thanks Philip.

    I came across your posts on this subject over the past week as I prepped to install WHS (which I’m doing now).

    I emailed the support folk at Mozy just before finding your first post on the topic. They informed me a hybrid version of Mozy is in the works and suggested getting back in touch with them in a few weeks if I wanted an estimated release date.

    It looks like I’m using IDrive for the time being, but I’m not too impressed with them. They certainly appear faster when using the free account, but instead of backing up my SQL Server Express files, they backed up apparently random files from My Documents.

    I’m hoping Mozy pulls through. Thanks again for these reviews.


  3. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi Andrew Dawson,

    Thanks for the info on the forth coming hybrid version of Moxy.

    For IDrive-E backing up random My Documents files it sounds like you have “My Documents” selected under the “File Selection Wizard” which can be un-ticked.

    For backing up your SQL Server Express files are you sure you have selected the folder they reside in correctly under the main “Backup” tab?

  4. Hi Philip,

    The first thing I did in the file selection wizard was uncheck everything since I hadn’t used any of those locations. After seeing these files backed up, I double checked the files from My Documents and nothing was selected in their client software. I’m pretty certain I had this configured correctly.

    I emailed a customer support rep who told me IDrive-E didn’t support backing up SQL Server files and that I’d have to use their IBackup Professional ($99/mo for 50GB) for it. It does appear they will back up SQL Server backup files, but you have to store the backups outside of the Program Files folder.


  5. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi Andrew Dawson,

    Thanks for the info on the SQL Server files. I wonder if there are are file types that are not backed up also?

  6. Heath says:

    Does MediaMax/KeepVault use data encryption?

  7. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi Heath,

    As far as I am aware MediaMax/KeepVault does not use data encryption.

  8. Hector says:

    I use Mozy, I-Backup, Chrashplan. My favorite is Crashplan, it uses a clustering system for backing up the data. I can Backup to any computer around the house, work, online, friend PC. Restores are fast. I backup all my stuff to the kids PC, Wife, Laptop and if something happens. All I need to do is to restore from any of those Machines at LAN Speed. All encrypted, plus they offer online too.

  9. Hi Hector,

    Thanks for the info on Crashplan, it looks a very good service.

  10. Phil Piotrowski says:

    Seems $99 per year only gets you 5GB. (as of 6/21/2008)

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