Add-in KeepVault has expired (for Now!)

As of 01 July 2007 the beta of Proxure KeepVault expired. It will be publicly available later this year as part of AMD LIVE! This add-in which fully integrated to the Windows Home Server console enabled you to select which shares you wanted to protect for offline storage. It also:

• Monitored for changes/additions to your Windows Home Server shares and automatically uploaded them to secure storage servers

• Enabled access to protected files from anywhere by logging into your account http://www.keepvault.com/login.htm

• Protected files either immediately or once every evening

• The ability to limit the amount of bandwidth used for the uploads

• Free account had 25 GB of storage space, with a 10 MB download limitation. Pay-for accounts were available for higher storage needs.

Now that beta version 2.00a has expired file protection has stopped and the WHS console now notifies you that the beta software has expired.

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