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As reported from posters at Microsoft’s WHS Forum the WHS setup can fail will all sorts of errors where the root cause was either a corrupted download, an unverified burn of a DVD/CD, poor quality media, mismatched media (e.g. DVD-R used in a DVD+R drive) or malfunctioning CD/DVD-ROM readers.

In the previous Beta 2 and CTP releases the bootable setup DVD was changed from using the XP generation WinPE, to the Vista generation WinPE (WinPE 2.0). It appears that WinPE 2.0 is more susceptible to media failures than the older generation was. This could be due to its much greater memory requirements or the way data is laid out.

So what can you do to make sure that your install is error free?

Use a CRC check utility to verify the ISO file you downloaded was not corrupted. I use the FREE HashCalc.


My Windows Home Server RC –  Installation DVD.iso with the correct CRC32

These are the CRC32 Checksum Value’s (Meaning it was generated using the CRC32 algorithm). Make sure that they match. If not then part of the download is corrupted SO re-download.

Windows Home Server RC – Home Computer Restore CD.iso = 0x103F20B6
Windows Home Server RC – Connector Software CD.iso = 0xF7B64B77
Windows Home Server RC – Installation DVD.iso = 0x3E3EBF25

Use a DVD burning software package that supports verification (e.g. DO NOT use dvdburn.exe). If you use Nero, make sure you turn on the data verify option on the page before you start the burn. If instead you use my favourite Asampoo Burning Studio make sure that you “Change Options” from the “Burn a CD/DVD/Blue-ray Disc from a Disc Image” menu to allow the verify option also. Another good FREE program is ImgBurn, just make sure again that Verify is ticked.

Do not burn your media (especially DVDs) at “maximum” write speed. Use a lower speed setting in your burning software to reduce the risk of errors. I personally use half the speed for DVDs and 40x for CDs.

Use high quality media that is matched to your writer and reader and that you know works well.

Make sure that the machine has at least 512MB RAM. WinPE 2.0 in the mode we use it in (WIM) requires something well north of 256MB and will fail in obscure ways if there is not enough memory.

Check that the BIOS in your server is the most recent. In some cases, a PC will not boot any WinPE 2.0 based disk (including Vista RTM) until the BIOS is upgraded to the latest version.

Windows Home Server setup has been extensively tested. If you encounter any failures during setup, including notifications of corrupted or missing files, blue screens, or other faults it is most likely due to a DVD/CD problem.

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  1. Petri Raitio says:

    Also, before re-burning the DVD, be sure to press “Try again” or “Retry” once or twice if you get an error dialog that allows that. I got one “Cannot read file …” error message during install, but one retry was all that was needed.

  2. gadgetaddict says:

    I got Blue Screens of Death the first three times that I tried to install RC1 during the step where files are copied to the HDD. The fourth time it worked. The CRC value was fine and the media verified fine in Nero when I burned it (don’t remember what speed I used). The DVD+RW that I burned at 4X wouldn’t boot at all. Why did Microsoft have to change the level of WinPE?

  3. DSLAM says:

    I keep getting this error on RC1:
    “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
    1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
    2. Choose your language settings, and then click “Next”.
    3. Click “Repair your computer.”
    File: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe
    Status: 0xc0000001
    Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt”

    So I cant even install it it always brings up this same error.
    My CR checksum was right on, I haved redownloaded the file and have burned with 2 different burning softwares all at 1X. I also checked the disc on another machine, but I did not see any “boot” folder in that directory.
    Anybody else have this error?

  4. Philip Churchill says:

    Hi DSLAM,
    You have done all the right things so far. The only other things that I can think off is too use another DVD player in the server to install. I have known faulty players to give these type of error messages. The other thing to check (as silly as it sounds) is the memory in the server. Use the memory from another machine as it could be failing and again would generate this type of error message.

  5. DSLAM says:

    Thanks Philip,
    Well I tried a different DVD drive, and basically got the same error accept on the disc that I did the HashCalc on I got this note on the “Info” part:”The file is possibly corrupt. Its header checksum does not match the computed system.”

    The other disc on the replacement drive gave me the same error as before. I have also used ImgBurn and NTI CD/DVD Maker and both discs had the same problem (I work at NTI BTW).

    The only thing I didnt try is replacing the ram since I dont have any extra to try. But the ram seems to be working since I use the same setup to boot a different Win XP HD.

    I wonder how much longer before they have an updated RC.

  6. Philip Churchill says:

    DSLAM have you also tried another brand of dvdr and if you use dvdr+ try dvdr- or vice versa. Also check to see if the firmware in your dvd burner and player is the latest, as it may not be fully compatable with the media that you are using.

  7. RAILFAN says:

    Windows Home Server Setup Error. The driver requires the machine to reboot A:\NVRAID.INF

    I have a Asus P5N32SLI-Premium motherboard, with the NVIDIA RAID controller enabled.

    Windows Home Server can’t find the drive just like Vista couldn’t either without the driver on the USB floppy disk.

    Vista installed just fine, Windows Homer Server won’t.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  8. Hi Railfan
    When you copied the RAID drivers to the floppy, did u make sure you also copied the hidden files in that driver directory? (there should be 8 files in there in total).
    The files are:
    1. disk1
    2. idecoi.dll
    3. nvatabus.sys
    4. nvraid.cat
    5. nvraid.inf
    6. nvraid.sys
    7. nvraidco.dll
    8. txtsetup.oem
    By the way in Windows Home Server raid should be DISABLED otherwise it will cause problems with the server.

  9. Sensi says:

    “By the way in Windows Home Server raid should be DISABLED otherwise it will cause problems with the server.”

    Hello there,
    I bought a copy over newegg and installed it over 3 HD in (nforce4 SLI) RAID5 mode, the install was a pain, asking me two times for the relevant RAID drivers between others things, now that i have backed up around 300GB of precious files can you please tell me mister Philip Churchill in what RAID would be a problem with WHS? This would be just amazing that a server could still have problem with RAID functions that are mainstream in 2007. I don’t want the storage hungry and thus useless “duplicate files” software function: i want hardware RAID! lol.
    This and a WHS connector compatible with my Vista x64 main PC… Oh Jeez, if you have any idea on when it could be released i would appreciate some info too.

    Ty in advance, also for this useful website! 🙂

  10. Hi Sensi,
    Vista x64 support for the connector software in being internally beta tested at Microsoft as we speak, and will be available when Update Rollup 1 for WHS is released (no date yet, but proberly Dec 07 – March 08).
    RAID is not supported under WHS, and as you say, should be disabled but their are many who do have it enabled and working.

  11. Sensi says:

    Thank you very much for these infos, also for sharing Jerry Zeisler’s temp tweak to install the connector on my Vista x64 main rig. 🙂
    I will have to ponder if the RAID5 setup give more hassles than needed with WHS.

  12. Hi Sensi,
    Thanks for your kind comments.

  13. What!! The!!! says:

    Okay, let see, a home server for people who are non it pros. Lets spot Microsoft’s wonderful ability to sell cars without brakes.

    Connector wont install, doesn’t support 64bit – pointless, the only way to install is to wait until you get the “Unkown network” error, then logout. Connector installs, finds you WHS, great yet another wonderful piece of bug free software form MS.

    Next. It’s designed to collate all you media for around the ouse into one central point and to backup all your PC’s. Okay 1. whats the point of have a system where you cant turn of the backups. 500gb HD takes about 270gb of space to backup. Wo, lets all run out and by massive hard drives for our “old, but still able to run WHS” PC – Crazy.
    Finally. I have a laptop, got a removable HD, but I cant add it to the server, ie plug it in like it was designed to be and the get access, NOOOO I have to either format it and add it to it “collective” losing everything or share it on the server but then whats the point of that.

    Come on MS, you had the chance to change peoples digital needs and way of thinking, instead you did your usual, ignored advise, ballsed it up and sold me a product with more holes in it than a teabag and more bugs in it than you generally find in the jungle.

    Regards Mr P Off.

  14. Hi,
    What!! The!!!,
    Thanks for your comment. Anybody want to reply?

  15. Concretecow says:

    Anyone got the CRC32 checksums for the OEM edition? I keep getting file errors, e.g, can’t copy Disk.sys or Atapi.sys. All PC components work well with Vista, so I would have thought that the hardware is OK, but what is giving me the installation errors?

  16. Hi Concretecow,
    Have you tried another DVD player, if not try flashing the firmware on the DVD player to the latest version. Be careful though.

  17. Concretecow says:

    Yes, tried different DVD burners and different DVD readers for installation, still get errors. Knowing the CRC32 hash would be nice for compareson. This is my hash for the installtion DVD…

  18. Hi Concretecow,
    Is all ok now or are you still getting errors?

  19. Allah says:

    I have a laptop, got a removable HD, but I cant add it to the server, ie plug it in like it was designed to be and the get access, NOOOO I have to either format it and add it to it “collective” losing everything or share it on the server but then whats the point of that.

    Why doesn’t anyone answer the above?

    The only way to add your files for sharing is to first delete them to format is crazy! Nobody will want to transfer their external hard drive files from their PC to the WHS over ethernet at super slow speeds, just to share files…

    Wouldn’t it make much better sense, that WHS allow an external hard drive such as with eSATA to connect to the server to immediately share files over the network, and for streaming?

    This is a killer, and the more individuals discovering this truth, will be disappointed yet again by Microsoft, and the customers whom didn’t know this, will certainly be disappointed in how WHS demands formatting your external hard drives just to share files!

    Anyone agree? Anyone able to connect your external hard drives to WHS without having the format to share and stream your files?

    Prove me wrong…

    And as the above comment made by “What The” he has a good point, regarding why should everyone afford a high cost method such as WHS to backup your PC, that is prone to disasters, failures and more things to go wrong, as compared to a cheaper more accessible and easier backup to an external hard drive, that plays nice?

    Cost of USB external SATA with Third party software solution comes to about $100 (case+sata HDD and Acronis True Image) does the job better than WHS. It’s blazing fast, supports mounting for extraction of individuals files, allows for reduction of file size saving many gigabytes, and can even restore on a new PC your old Windows Operating system. Total flexibility…

    As for WHS, considering the file server to share, it still doesn’t play fair, as it’s “windows” only. And the speed is very slow… so slow that in a typical home use situation, where your children (teenagers) accessing network files reduce speeds to crawl speeds… while you try to stream a movie…

    Anyone using WHS, in a typical family, sharing files over your WHS, can you please post your experience, such as when your Teenagers P2P on WHS, another listens to Music and the parents attempt to stream a movie…

    Has anyone tried to stream a HD video? at 1080p quality?
    What good is a server, if it cannot share files, stream video to more than one user at a time?

    WHS is way to expensive for a slow and limited server claiming to be a family solution here….

    If you just want to share a file, word document sure, it works. But you don’t need WHS to do that…

    Even Microsoft Groove attempts to offer online collaboration. The whole point of WHS should be about sharing your data, from your computers at home and over the Internet… for remote access, right?

  20. Hi Allah,
    What I have done in the past is add the external hard drive but dont add it via the wizard. Copy the files on it that you wish to keep over to your connected hard drives (using your Shared Folders on Server) and then add it via the wizard which you correctly say will format it but this adds it to the WHS pool of drives.
    The reason Home Server has do do this is because the duplication technology within WHS would not see existing files on drives before formating due to the way Drive Extender works but you never know, in future releases it may be addressed. Any other thoughts anybody?

  21. Starjammer says:

    First of all, thanks for all this great info. I was plagued “cannot initiate UI subsystem” when first setting up my evaluation copy Microsoft sent me. I was really excited and threw together an old machine I had laying around. If anyone gets this error, it is your DVD rom! Don’t go through the pain I did. I hope this helps.

  22. Hi Starjammer,
    Thanks for the tip.

  23. Jimmy says:

    Trying to install the WHS, on the Select your Regional and Keyboard Settings dialog, both Time and keyboard choices are blank. No choices available. The next screen causes a reboot.

    I bought two copies/licenses. Both DVDs do the same thing. Couldn’t find anything on the net describing this.

  24. Hi Jimmy,
    That is a new one on me and sorry i really don’t know. The only thing I would say is try another keyboard and mouse, not wireless and preferably the PS2 type and not USB.

  25. Jimmy says:

    PS/2 keyboard didn’t change the effect. I’ll try tech support, thanks.

  26. Maarten says:

    Hi all …

    I installed WHS on a very quick pc…
    After installation and restarting several times … the pc startes up with the Welcome screen of WHS.
    (with the arrow and next under the logo).
    If I click next the programm says that there is an error and tha I have to go back and try again (this doesn’t help … it still comes in the error screen) or click next to reinstall the software ….

    Also with the connection cd I can’t connect from client to WHS (can’t find the server) altough the firewall is closed ….

    In explorer I can type the ip-address and normally find the server … I can ping the server … no problem !!

    What can be the problem ????

    Please help ?

  27. Ron Miller says:

    I’m joining the discussion very late, in fact after the HP MediaSmart versions are shipping.
    However, my reply to Allah would be to suggest that connecting the Home Server via a Gigabit network would seem to answer many of his objections. I downloaded the beta version but never installed it because by the time I got around to assembling the hardware, the RTM was available. After familiarizing myself with the product as much as possible, I reached the conclusion that WHS wouldn’t be very satisfactory unless installed on a Gigabit network. Has anyone addressed the user experience using Fast Ethernet vs Gigabit Ethernet by formal testing?


  28. Hi Maarten,
    It sounds like the installation is incomplete. You may have a corrupt or dirty install DVD.

  29. Hi Ron Miller,
    A good point you raise there. any one have any comments or have tested this scenario.

  30. Joe Hale says:


    I just received my WHS which I bought from Newegg along with a Dynapower case in which I installed an ASUS A7N8X-E motherboard with 1 Gig. I instalkled a Maxtor 120GB IDE drive and a Memorex DVD drive. OK, it boots fine from the DVD and gets to SETUP INITIALIZING but then seems to loop forever on it. No blue screen – no messages, just keeps doing setup initializing over and over so it doesn’t install.

    Any ideas?

  31. Pedro Maia says:


    I just bought the trial version of WHS but i’m having some trouble in the raid drivers.
    As happend to RAILFAN i get the same error “nvraid.inf has to reboot the system and i’m using the disk provided with the MB and also downloaded the latest with the same results.

    I’ve checked the files in the disk and they are all there.

    Is there any solution to this problem?

  32. Amit says:

    hi there…
    i’m installing the WHS and after i got trough all the
    problams i got into one i dont know how to solve..
    after the installtion is finnished when i get the
    WHS Wellcome screen and i spose to get to the fase
    of setting the administrator password and the network
    i get this anoing massege of ” a problam occured, setup cannot continue” . i think it has somthing to do with the fact
    that the setup system does not identify my on board network card…. i tried to install the network driver after the installetion, and when i get beck to the wellcome screen
    it still gives me the same error…..
    does someone have an idia what should i do??

  33. tstevens says:

    I had the same problem – it kept gettting to the initial setup screen and then would give me a System Error box which read “Could not initialize ui subsystem”, then when I clicked OK it would reboot. Could not get around this. My server was brand new and I was installing from an older DVD drive on the IDE port. The instal DVD was purchased (not burned from an ios). Anyway – long story short, when I took the DVD drive off the ide port and connected it to a USB port with one of those cheap-o ($3 on Amazon) IDE-to-USB connectors and then rebooted – it worked. Don’t ask why…not sure – could be that something in the system didn’t like an IDE drive when it was setting up RAID on the 4 SATA drives. Don’t ask why I thought to do this – long story – anyway – I got past that error – hope this helps someone else avoid the hours of pain that it caused me

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