10 Features Needed In Small Server Hardware

HP ProLiant MicroServer

ServeTheHome gives us 10 features which we need in small business servers, which could equally apply to home servers too.

  1. Mini ITX or Micro ATX motherboard support.
  2. 8 Hot-swap drive bays.
  3. 8x 3.5 hot swap bays plus 2x 2.5″ bays minimum.
  4. Support for ECC memory.
  5. IPMI 2.0 or equivalent remote management built-in (vPro would be an example.)
  6. The small business server, especially if it is not a rack mount design, should be very quiet.
  7. No-vendor lock-in for drives.
  8. Reliable 80+ Gold or better power supplies.
  9. Choice of CPUs
  10. We need someone to build either the chassis or small systems for these small business servers!

More detailed information on these points raised can be found in the following post.

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