DVBLink v4.5 Release Candidate 1

DVBLink products have gone to version 4.5 Release Candidate 1 status.

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What is new/fixed from beta2:


  • Fixed: parental lock feature did not work in beta1/2
  • Added: selection of categories on the channel selection tab
  • Added: new layout for DVBLink media library items

DVBLink TVSource

  • Added: Unicable support (only for tuners, which support raw diseqc commands. Most of them do, but for example for DigitalDevices tuners users need to use their own Unicable configuration management)
  • Fixed: EIT scanner consumes a lot of memory to keep collected EPG data
  • Added: raw diseqc command support for Twinhan clones (Terratec S7, SkyStar HD2 etc.)
  • Fixed: "PAT scanning times out message" when scanned transponder id does not match the actual
  • Fixed: no signal on TBS5980 when going from qpsk to 8psk transponder
  • Fixed: no signal on DVB-S2/QPSK transponders for Twinhan clones

DVBLink Connect! Server

  • Added: display total/available disk space in recorder web interface
  • Fixed: system does not wake up for recording on WinXP machines
  • Fixed: when several changes are done to the recording schedule options only the last one is saved
  • Fixed: built-in recorder slow epg update process

Additional notes, installation instructions and the download files can be found here.

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