WHS 2011 Worldwide Price Drop

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The Windows Home Server 2011 software has seen a price drop around the world, with the English SKU being available for $52 + $7 shipping state side from online retailers such as Superbiz (take an additional $5 off using coupon code WOMBAT bring the total down to $47), whilst Newegg and Amazon still have it listed for over $100.

Likewise across the pond in the UK it is being listed for £42.49 at CCL and for £46.99 at Kikatek and the same is happening in Germany with the German SKU being available for around €42 from independent retailers and around €48 on Amazon.de (Euro)

Its great to see this price drop, which will make WHS2011 more accessible and into more homes.

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  1. varun says:

    Plus another $20-$200 to replace the core DE functionality that Microsoft kindly ripped out…

  2. Well, well… It looks like WHS 2011 isn’t selling so well. I know that I’ll be sticking with WHS v1 for quite some time, and it looks like everyone else is doing the same. Sorry Microsoft, but you did it to yourself I’m afraid. It would help if you actually listened to your customers once in a while.

    — MIKE

  3. Erik says:

    I agree with Mike that Microsoft failed to listen to their customers by removing DE. I was extremely upset and swore I wouldn’t migrate to WHS 2011. But as fate would have it, I got a bug the first week it was available at retail and ordered a full price copy. I ran both WHSv1 and WHS 2011 for two weeks…then promptly decommisioned my WHSv1 box. My main reason being that WHS 2011 simply gave me more stable backups. I had several machines that simply would never backup with WHSv1. I’m impressed with WHS 2011, and at this price I’m rather mad at myself for not waiting.:) I just wish I could think of a reason to run two WHS 2011 machines.

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