HP EX485 and EX487 Review Roundup

More reviews of the HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 are popping up on the internet today, and here’s the best of the best.

*We Got Served has an overall post highlighting what’s new (HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 Bring Mac Backup and Powerful Media Management to Windows Home Server), and then a series of 5 posts taking you through the history, hardware and the various software features in this hands-on series.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Hardware
Part 3: Software
Part 4: Software cont.
Part 5: Verdict

*MediaSmartServer.net owner, Alex Kuretz of the HP MediaSmart Server Enthusiast Community looks at setup and installation, the new features and the hardware in the new MediaSmart Servers. Alex also shows us 2 hidden easter eggs and tells us the pros and cons of the unit, in the Review: HP MediaSmart Server EX487.

*Home Server Hacks dissects the MediaSmart Server and shows us what’s inside, as well as a look at the features. Donavon West also asks the question:

If I already own an EX470, is it worth upgrading?

You read read his answer in the post Hewlett Packard Announces Two New MediaSmart Servers.

*MediaSmarthome.com shows us the MediaSmart Server unboxed. From what comes in the box to the styling and the hardware inside, reviewer Matt Whitlock takes us through the setup and tells us about the HP’s EX48x new features. Matt concludes the review by stating:

Those on the fence about whether it’s time to pick up an HP MediaSmart Server of their very own should be pushed over the edge with the new hardware and features. There’s a lot here to get excited about. For a product that can hide anywhere out of sight, the HP MediaSmart Server is poised to become the most indispensable device in your digital life.

Read The New HP MediaSmart Server EX485 & EX487 – Unboxed and Reviewed.

*MyHomeServer.com looks at the features for Mac users and the free 5 year SSL certificate offering, as well as the new software offerings in this 2 page review, HP MediaSmart EX487 Home Server Review.

*SlashGear  the personal tech blog, takes an overall look at the EX487 with lots of pics for you to ooze over in their featured review, the HP MediaSmart EX487 Home Server Review.

*HardwareGeeks.com gives the HP MediaSmart Server Version 2 an Editors Choice 5 star gold award, and state that:

 “…it will be one of their [HP’s] best products of 2009”

Read their HP Releases Updated MediaSmart server with Mac Support review.

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