Add-In: Router Control

The first public release of the add-in Router Control has been released that allows you more control over your UPnP Internet gateway.

Router Control

Its current main feature is the traffic graph as well as RouterControl online update check and schema upload. More features are to come in future updates, including:

Show and modify UPNP port forwards
Automatic (optional) forward of Home Server Homepage
Support for IP Internet connection (not only PPP)
German translation
Download traffic statistics (CSV)
Automatic (optional) error reporting
Router down notification
Notification on new port forwards

Although this functionality is partly provided by Windows Vista, it lacks features like traffic graphs and monitoring.

More information is available from here.

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  1. wim kapteyn says:

    With the older add-in I still had support for the newest version of the Fritzbox AVM 7170 modem.router box with its newest firmware.
    After installing the newest two CTP1 and CTP2 router add-in I got a message saying that the current implementation coudl not handle the UPNP stack of the FRitzbox. Any plans to re-add support for the Fritzbox?

  2. dgogoasa says:

    I installed it. It didn’t work I ytried to install it and did not work even at that. When I saw it took forever I canceled it but it hanged at that too… I wouldn’t touch this sort of software even if i had a long long stick.
    I managed to lock me out of my WHS.
    By the way if you can not access it over the network (my case) you just have to reinstall it (takes about a day)
    I was a tester … I learned my lesson . . .

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