Add-In: LogPoint Performance Monitor

LogPoint Performance Monitor is an add-in that creates a graphical representation of your Home Server performance data while monitoring the disk speed (read/write) and tranfers per second.

LogPoint Performance Monitor

LogPoint are also in the process of finalizing the development of the Windows Home Server LogPoint Management Console. This will give you most of the LogPoint functionality on your Windows Home Server network; allowing you to monitor and manage the devices on your network.

LogPoint Performance Monitor can be downloaded for free from here. Thanks to Jerry Wade for the details.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Can’t find the download link. The link above only connect to more screenshot, but no download point at all.

  2. Lebo Bucibo says:

    Damn. This plugin is like the perfect demostration of the Heisenberg Principle which states that the act of measuring a quantity actually alters it and the measurement is always false. Just running this plugin to graph CPU utilization results in its 80% utilization.

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