Add-In: My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.13 Pre Release 3

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

The pre-release version of My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials has been updated to version 5.13 Pre Release 3.

Here is the change log for this latest pre-release version:

  • Added: Ability to configure iTunes to start under the My Movies service.
  • Added: Personal data for TV Series
  • Fix: There was a problem updating an episode due to an incorrect SQL function
  • Fix: Some issue with categories that could block storage of TV Series
  • Fix: Minor issue where update of personal data on a movie could miss the data from the type field.
  • Fix: Personalized titles for movies were not always used in the title list

More details on My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials is available from here.

Cloud Xtender v1.0.3.0 Beta

Cloud Xtender Logo Cloud Xtender from Division-M is storage pooling for the cloud that allows a number of cloud storage providers to be pooled and utilized as a single Windows drive. Using much of the technology found in Drive Bender, new cloud providers can be added as user demand dictates. Due to be released on the 17th April, Cloud Xtender is currently available in beta at version with the following change log: Support added for Azure and Box platforms Additional fixes This version can be downloaded directly using this link. For an informative getting started guide to Cloud Xtender, head on over to the company’s blog which has a great walk through.

DVBLink v5.1.0 Build 11207

dvblink Mobile Logo

DVBLink now includes a new easy-to-use interface for setting up a port forwarding, optimizations and support for Synology DSM5.2:

We are happy to announce a release of the Synology DSM5.2 compatible DVBLink build!
But DSM5.2 support, although important, is not the only interesting feature of this new build. It also comes with the new easy-to-use interface for setting up a port forwarding. There is no need anymore for knowing how to do it on your router – DVBLink will do it for you! This, combined with a new functionality to check if DVBLink ports are accessible from outside, makes setup for watching live and recorded TV over the internet much easier. The new port forwarding functionality is accessible from the Settings tab of the DVBLink web configuration interface.
The full list of changes in this new build includes:

  • General
    • (syn) Added: Synology DSM5.2 support
    • (all) Added: Functionality to forward base and/or streaming ports from a DVBLink web configuration interface on a router
    • (all) Added: Functionality to check if DVBLink is accessible from outside on its forwarded ports
    • (asustor) Added: ASUSTOR ADM2.4 support
    • (asustor) Fixed: No thumbnails are generated for recordings on AS6 and AS3 platforms
    • (rpi) Fixed: No thumbnails are generated for recordings on RPi2 openelec platform
  • DVBLink TVSource
    • (all) Fixed: When working with sat>ip source, TVSource does not break/re-establish RTSP session on every channel change
    • (all) Fixed: High CPU load when streaming 2 or more channels from the same transponder
    • (all) Added: Provider selection combobox with their preset values on DVB-C fast scan page

The new build numbers are:

  • Build 11207 (all DVBLink products on Windows platform)
  • Build 11218 (all DVBLink products on Linux/NAS/RPi platform)

DVBLink server installer for every supported platform is available for download from our website
When updating the DVBLink installation, update your DVBLink server first and then update all installed DVBLink packages using DVBLink Package Center.

Add-In: My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials v5.13 Pre Release 2

My Movies for Windows - Home and Essentials

My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials has been updated to version 5.13 Pre Release 2.

here is the change log for the last 2 versions:

My Movies 5.13 Pre Release 2

  • Added: Mobile location editing for TV Episodes.
  • Update: Meta-Data Storage Handler interface updated. Storage handlers must be updated.
  • Change: MP4/M4V meta-data tagging now moved to a separate storage handler, and now tags both movies and tv episodes also.
  • Change: For improved stability, the back-end service now checks the state of the SQL Server service, and starts it if it is not started, giving better details on screen for clients if there are problems.
  • Fix (Attempt): Various things using a randomizer was not truly random.
  • Fix: Cleanup in local database had created a problem with some of the sorting in WMC.
  • Fix: XBMC storage handler did not add box set client titles to sets as it should.

Notice: MP4/M4V meta-data storage handler has an option to update iTunes when iTunes is running on same machine. This functionality is not finalized, and is in non-working state.

My Movies 5.13 Pre Release 1

  • Added: Import of movies now uses collection numbers from personal data, when possible.
  • Added: The alert viewer have been added to the Collection Management application, as many users use this as their primary interface.
  • Added: Option to track digital copy types in the meta-data.
  • Added: Compare on movie updates. Currently only for data, and not images.
  • Added: Compare on TV series and episodes
  • Added: Checkbox on disc chapter editing where you can indicate that chapter names is not included on the release.
  • Added: Check for new data before contribution of TV series and episode
  • Added: Ability to track more than one type on a title.
  • Change: The complete percentage of box sets now reflects that various data should not be added on box set containers.
  • Change: The system now stores mymovies.xml files for TV Series
  • Change: Personal data is now stored in the mymovies.xml file.
  • Fix: Production companies for movies were not added correctly, when updating data on the movie.
  • Fix: Disc titles did not get their online id set, right after contribution of a new disc title.
  • Fix: An empty error message with headline database error could be returned when opening Collection Management right after an update.
  • Fix: My Movies bonjour interop dll was not added to assembly under WHS 2011 and Server Essentials 2012, which could generate unwanted errors.
  • Fix: Some log errors could be generated when system was restarting as a drive watcher caught the shutdown.
  • Fix: Play disc was shown in some situations where it should not be.
  • Fix: An exception could occur when trying to register AnyDVD.
  • Fix: Unexpected drive ids could lead to a crash.
  • Fix: Import of movies set the movie to be standalone if it was in the collection only belonging to a disc title.
  • Fix: Import/monitoring of movies now uses categories from personal data, when possible.
  • Fix: On TV Series update the result window only showed one line in the changed field. It now shows multiple lines.
  • Fix: If disc path is set to BDMV or VIDEO_TS folder, then ‘add to converter’ now accepts that.
  • Fix: Copying to WMA format for music discs could lead to a copy error.
  • Fix: TV Series had their group reset when episodes got added to it.
  • Fix: TV Series update will now add new episodes, and update names on existing ones, even when the series is locked.
  • Fix: Personal titles for movies were not shown correctly, for movies under disc titles.
  • Fix: Meta-data for movie profiles were not stored when running a combined meta-data update in settings.
  • Fix: Some wrong path handlings could cause various issues in the video converter.
  • Fix: Disc copy direct to video converter had some problems setting the correct destination path.
  • Fix: Known TV Series mapping was not used when converting directly from disc
  • Fix: Issue with MKV and TV Series episodes not mapping correct.
  • Fix: XBMC set info was not set correct on box set child titles.

More details on My Movies for Windows – Home and Essentials is available from here.

The Home Server Show podcast Episode 279


This week episode 279 of the Home Server Show podcast is about the HP Stream mini Desktop:

Awesome show this week.  I’m talking HP Stream mini Desktop with Dewain Robinson. It’s a fun show talking about the hardware, upgrading it, costs, and what to use it for…

You can find episode 279 here.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 278


Its that time for another episode of the Home Server Show podcast:

John Stutsman joins me to talk about Microservers.  He is a wiz on the Gen 8 Microserver but now he has a DL320e rack mount server under test.  John also tells me about the upcoming Gen 9 server, or does he? We go over the SchoonDoggy Gen 8 Drive Bracket and talk a little bit of news.

You can find this episode here.

The Thecus W2000 Windows Storage Server

PC Perspective review the Thecus W2000 Windows Storage Server.

The Thecus W2000 WSS Reviewed on PCPer

And their thoughts:
…to be able to manage a small home or office environment’s users and shared resources, or build a home network with the power of a Server instance – and do any of this for $350 plus the cost of a couple of hard drives – is pretty incredible!

An interesting 4 page review which you can find here.

Add Online Services to your Windows Server Essentials Install

The Australian Microsoft OEM team have put together a series of articles about adding online services to your Windows Server Essentials install.

Adding Online Services To Your Windows Server Essentials Install

The first article in the series is an introduction, which is followed by adding:

Office 365
User Account Integration
Microsoft Intune

An interesting how to series which is well worth a read.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 277


Episode 277 of the Home Server Show podcast is about the Lenovo TS140:

“Kevin Schoonover joins with his TS140 and I promise there is no Superfish adware on this podcast! We can’t help but talk Home Automation when we get together so there is a healthy helping of that but were mostly talking server hardware, what to do with the TS140 including pfSense, Sophos, and Minecraft server.”

You can find episode 277 here.

DVBLink v5.1

dvblink Mobile Logo

This latest release of DVBLink has a number of important fixes and additions. here is the change log:


  • Added: Raspberry Pi 2 support
  • Fixed: Live TV playback does not start in web interface (Internet Explorer) without transcoding when authorization is used
  • Fixed: DVBLink Server on Windows hangs when woken up from standby in presence of running XBMC
  • Fixed: Back-to-back timers on the same channels are recorded without margins
  • Added: Grouping channels with the same name in the list during channel selection process
  • Added: Possibility to assign “hanging” source to one of the unused devices

DVBLink TVSource

  • Fixed: DVBLink TVSource requests too many PIDs when scanning some transponders, crashing/hanging sat2ip receiver

You can download version 5.1 of DVBLink from here.