Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.1.0.553 RC

StableBit DrivePool Logo

The beta version of StableBit DrivePool has been updated.

Version is now at release candidate stage which is one step away from being released as final. 

You can find the download link here.

DVBLink Version 5 Released

dvblink Mobile Logo

Version 5 of DVBLink has been released.

Here are the highlights of this version 5 release:

  • Grid like EPG interface for a web browser
  • Support for Ubuntu x86 and x86_64 desktop linux
  • Support for Western Digital MyCloud EX2 and EX4 NAS products
  • Support for PCTV 292e, Technotrend CT2-4400 and Technotrend CT2-4650CI triple standard tuners (DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C) on NAS platforms
  • Support of video transcoding for live and recorded TV on Windows, Ubuntu and Intel-based NAS platforms
  • Transcoded live and TV recordings playback in web browser on all client platforms – Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Streaming multiple channels from the same transponder for DVBLink TVSource
  • Server streaming activity monitoring interface
  • Server-based timeshifting for DVBLink XBMC PVR addon
  • Social network integration to share your impressions about programs and/or recordings
  • Download daemon for xmltv source
  • Recording schedules based on search pattern
  • Internet update for transponder files and other DVBLink resources
  • And a lot of other smaller, but still important updates, features and fixes

More info including important notes and installation instructions are available from here.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 262


Episode 262 of the Home Server Show podcast is all about finalizing the move from WHS2011 to Essentials 2012.

Host David McCabe has pulled the plug on Windows Home Server 2011 and he talks about the migration alongside Drashna and Jim who help him along the way.

You can find episode 262 here.

Add-In: My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution v5.00 Pre-Release 10

My Movies 5 Pre Release Settings

The pre-release version of My Movies Home and Essentials Server Solution has had an update.

Version 5.00 pre-release 10 has the following change log:

  • Added: Improved update dialogs for update of all Disc Titles / Movies / TV Series
  • Change: Deprecating of langauge settings, it was duplicated.
  • Fix: Fixed minor error for path setting on discs in disc title when using folder monitoring.
  • Fix: Issue created in optimize database that could cause it to crash.
  • Fix: Incoming crash logs. Crash could occur when returning a broken image from the database.
  • Fix: Automatic refresh rate changing was broken due to an incorrect code change.
  • Fix: There was an add type label floating on top when adding monitored folder.
  • Fix: There could be problems with setting up on total fresh machine.
  • Fix: Unidentified icon did not stick when screen was refreshed in disc copier list.
  • Fix: When changing away from disc title with changed data, the user wasn’t asked to save the data.
  • Fix: Removed help icon that should not be displayed.
  • Fix: Folder import/monitoring to take better use of Mymovies.xml
  • Fix: IMDB import did not work in Collection Management on WHS 2011 and Server 2012 due to a missing file.
  • Fix: Box set child titles are no longer included in search result when doing import/folder monitoring.
  • Fix: The copy to video converter option was listed twice on DVD’s, but not on Blu-ray/HD DVD.
  • Fix: Incorrect paths in the database could cause problems synchronizing collection to the online service.
  • Fix: Language and country lists in PreviewTitle is now sorted.
  • Fix: The dashboard asked about missing credentials too often.
  • Fix: There was some differences between handbrake and My Movies titles on Blu-ray, which could cause conversion problems.
  • Fix: Opening Collection Management on a server could clear the licensing.
  • Fix: Progress for handbrake showed progress for initial scan instead of only showing for encoding.
  • Fix: The video failed after converting if the target folder was set to same as source, and the disc copier was set to the video converter.
  • Fix: Inherited data wasn’t shown correctly in preview of TV Series.
  • Fix: Alert viewer in Windows now allows for disable/enable and delete of alerts.
  • Fix: Alert e-mails from Windows got more data in them.
  • Fix: Expired alerts are no longer shown.
  • Fix: Error occurred when image selector was opening and no images were available from server request.
  • Fix: Several minor bugs with folder import, Especially in regards to exiting mymovies.xml files.

More information including the download can be found here.

IHomeServer for iTunes V3 Released

The add-in iHomeServer for iTunes is now at version 3.

The add-in that allows you to manage your iTunes collection from your server now has these key new features in iHomeServer version 3:

  • Automatic ripping of DVD into your iTunes library
  • Update your iTunes metadata on any device
  • Streaming of your iTunes music and videos using DLNA to Smart TVs, Windows RT Surface (using our rtRemote product available in the Windows app store), Android Smart Phones,  and many many more.
  • Streaming of your iTunes music and videos over the internet while away from home – on holiday, at work, wherever – with the ability to select a suitable transcoding option for lower bandwidth connections
  • Identifies which episodes in a TV series you have not already watched

Plus all the great features already in iHomeServer version 2:

  • Create multiple “Watch Folders” to synchronise your iTunes library with your existing media folder structure
  • Streaming to any of your Apple TVs (or anyother iOS device) through Home Sharing
  • Automatic tagging of your media with metadata, for example title, artist, producer, cover art
  • Automatically start iTunes on booting-up your server  / PC
  • Allows iTunes to be run on systems with no sound cards
  • If running it on a server, you can manage your iTunes library from the Windows Home Server Console

Here is the company’s press release:

Bizmodeller has released version 3 of iHomeServer for iTunes – Windows software that extends iTunes with advanced media server features.

iHomeServer for iTunes version 3 is a major upgrade that enables iTunes streaming to non-Apple devices such as Web browsers, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Smart TVs and Games Consoles (XBOX 360 / PlayStation 3) – in fact most of the devices in the modern family home.

Available now to both desktop and Home Server users, iHomeServer provides an innovative iTunes Web Interface that allows users to access their iTunes libraries from any device with a web browser – within the home or on the Internet. The web interface is pure HTML/JavaScript and does not use proprietary technologies such as Silverlight or Flash. As a result, it is compatible with a wide range of today’s browsers and devices.

Furthermore, iHomeServer also includes an integrated iTunes DLNA server that lets users access their iTunes library on compatible Smart TVs, PlayStation 3’s and XBOX’s. Regardless of which device is used, content is arranged in the same familiar iTunes libraries and playlists presented in iTunes. iTunes metadata and artwork is also displayed on all supported devices.

This latest version of iHomeServer boasts an arsenal of features that work together and integrate seamlessly into iTunes making it a better media server:

  •     Access iTunes library via the internet
  •     Access iTunes library from Web, Windows, Android, Blackberry and other devices
  •     Access iTunes library on Smart TVs, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, Roku or other compatible DNLA clients – all without an Apple TV
  •     Automatically tag iTunes movies and television with cover art and metadata
  •     Optionally start iTunes as a Windows service so iTunes is always up and running even before log-in
  • Rip home DVD collection straight into iTunes
  •     Support for Home Sharing, AirPlay and Wifi-Sync on iOS devices
  •     Media watch folders for drag and dropping new media into iTunes remotely
  •     Optional Add-in for Windows Home Server / Windows Server 2012 Essentials users that provides management of an iTunes library from the WHS Dashboard

Bizmodeller explains, “Since its launch in 2011, iHomeServer has gained a reputation with Home Server users as the defacto way of running iTunes as a standalone media server. With version 3, iHomeServer’s comprehensive range of features are now available to both desktop users and home server users alike. The release also expands iTunes as a streaming platform so you can stream your iTunes media to most web browsers, Smart TVs and XBOX360/PS3 games consoles.”

iHomeServer is available for download now and is offered with a 30 days trial. iHomeServer is compatible with most versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows 8/8,1, Windows XP SP2, Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

  • Note that DRM (Digital Rights Management) material is not currently supported.

Understanding VPN Configuration in WS2012 R2 Essentials

The Windows Server Essentials and Small Business Server Blog have published an article on Understanding VPN configuration in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

Understanding VPN configuration in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

The post explains about the Virtual Private Network feature on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials, which you can find here.

Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v2.1.0.552 BETA


The Beta build of StableBit DrivePool has been updated to version BETA with some important fixes:

* [D] Fixed a real-time file size tracking inconsistency that would cause the pooled file size to drift upwards when
      files were overwritten (FILE_SUPERSEDE, FILE_OVERWRITE, FILE_OVERWRITE_IF). Existing pools will be remeasured
* Added new .config option FileSizeTracking_UpdateSizeIntervalS to the service, mainly for testing purposes.
* Finalized all translations.
* The .covefs meta-data folder now doesn’t show up in duplication / file placement.
* Do not write out error reports when operations are canceled.
* [D] [Issue #3204] Fixed renaming in a folder that’s a reparse point.
* [Issue #1146] Added test email option after entering email addresses for notifications.
* Windows will now save their maximize state in addition to their size.
* Added minimize / maximize buttons to the horizontal UI.
* Cap WPF animations to 30 FPS on WSS.
* [Issue #47] Re-factored licensing code to prevent the licensing request from showing up unnecessarily.
* [Issue #2158] Fixed the performance pane turning off on slower systems, even while it’s still open.
* Increased default performance sample interval to 2 seconds.
* [Issue #3198] Fixed spelling mistake on the change duplication dialog.
* Added a tool tip over the balancing plug-ins to show the version of the plug-in and the creation time (if external).
* [Issue #3192] Added VDS as a service dependency to the StableBit DrivePool service. This improves system and service startup
* [Issue #114] When the System Volume Information folder doesn’t have the inherit flag set on the SYSTEM permission, drive
               removal would error out with "Access denied".
* [Issue #2188] Re-factored the disk enumeration code to not error out when a disk or volume is encountered which has the
                same persistent key as one that we already know about. Detailed trace data will be written out to the log
                file when this happens and disk enumeration will continue.
* [Issue #3190] Added DrivePool_RunningFile .config setting. When specified, a file at this path will be created whenever
                a background task is running, such as balancing, background file duplication or measuring. After all
                background tasks end, this file will be deleted.

More details can be found here.

Drive Bender ER1 and Cloud Xtender Beta

Drive Bender Logo

Drive Bender have announced that they will be releasing the ER1 version of Drive Bender on Friday the 30th of May.

As well as this news the guys at Drive bender also had the following two bits of news too:

If you have not purchased a license at the discounted rate, you need to do so now as this discount will end the moment we post the new version.

Further exciting news… Cloud Xtender, our pooling product for the cloud, is set to see its first beta very soon. This beta will support a number of cloud services including Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure and SkyDrive.  If you want to be a part of the official Cloud Xtender beta team, send a support request via Make sure you select Cloud Xtender as the product and the request type to beta. If you want to be kept upto date with Cloud Xtender development, make sure you follow Cloud Xtender on Twitter

So remember the Drive Bender v2 ER1 pre release sale is in its final days at 50% off and all purchases get a free upgrade to v2 too.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 261


Episode 261 of the Home Server Show podcast is up and this week its about Server 2012 Essentials and Hyper-V at Home:

"I’m going down the path of transferring from Windows Home Server to Server Essentials 2012 R2 Update.  I’ve got Drashna and Diehard to bounce some ideas off of.  I’ll tell you the options I faced when choosing the base OS considering I want to run Hyper-V and some VM’s for certain duties."

You can find episode 261 here.

DVBLink v5 RC1

DVBLink version 5 is now at Release Candidate status.

dvblink Mobile Logo

Here’s the list of fixes and new features:

  • (win) Fixed: streaming of multiple channels from the same transponder using plugins
  • Added: support for server-based timeshifting for DVBLink XBMC PVR addon (requires addon v1.9.1)
  • Fixed: m3u8 url does not play in DVBLink for IPTV if custom port is used for stream segments
  • Added: conflict tuner icon on the grid in case of conflicts
  • Added: displaying physical channels info for selected channels on Channels tab
  • Added: play button on the pop-up of the currently broadcasted program
  • Added: "now" button to the Guide

Additional information is available from here.