The BYOB Podcast Episode 116


This week’s episode of the BYOB podcast has guest John Zajdler (diehard) for some discussion on WS2012 Essentials which also covers some issues in migrating from 2011.

This 91 minute episode can be found here.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 217


Episode 217 of "the Home Server Show" podcast is up, and this week host David McCabe talks to the SBS Diva, Susan Bradley about Server Essentials 2012 in the home, in business, as well as some chat on Windows Home Server as well:

“Should you join your workstations to a domain with Server Essentials 2012? Susan certainly has an opinion on it.”

It’s a full hour of great information which you can find here or you can watch the video below:

Issues After Installing UR1 on WS2012 Essentials

A couple of issues for those of you have have installed Update Rollup 1 (UR1) for Windows Server 2012 Essentials (KB2781267).

First the Office 365 Integration Service reports do not run after you install Update UR1 and you may receive the following health alert when you open the dashboard:

One or more services are not running.

The following important Windows services are not running. Windows Server Office 365 Integration Service (O365ProviderSvc) Note: Services can be stopped when software updates are applied.

This issue can be resolved by one of  two methods which are explained  in article ID: 2828257.

Office 365 Integration Service reports do not run after you install UR1 for WS2012 Essentials

Secondly if you transition from WS2012e to Windows Server 2012 Standard then you are not automatically offered Update Rollup 1 (2781267) from Windows Update if you follow the steps that are provided in "Transition from Windows Server 2012 Essentials to Windows Server 2012 Standard".

The way around this is to install UR1 from the Windows Update Catalog, which you can get details about in article ID: 2828232.

Thanks for the heads up on these issues from THE OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE SBS DIVA.

Add-In: StableBit DrivePool v1.3.0.7534 (Release Final)


StableBit DrivePool for WHS2011, SBS 2011 Essentials and Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials has been updated to version (Release Final).

This release is the same as the RC, so if you have the RC there is no need to update.

Here’s the change log:

  • Release final.
  • Summary of what’s new since the last Release final:
    – Multiple pool support. Create as many pools as you want.
    – Disk identification for missing disks.
       – Ping all connected disks in the system for one minute, which lights up the disk access lights on all connected disks, letting you visually identify which disk is missing.
       – Model, Serial number now reported for disks part of the pool and missing disks.
       – Case / bay now reported for missing disks, if configured in the StableBit Scanner.
       – StableBit Scanner’s disk health is now reported on the pool tab for disks part of the pool.
    – An option to force removal of damaged disks from the pool, even when we can’t read some un-duplicated files on that disk.
    – Dashboard improvements in memory / CPU usage and UI redrawing frequency.

This release can be downloaded from here.

Video: WS 2012 Essentials on the Home Tech Podcast

Home Tech Podcast

Jim Collison and Christian Johnson cover Windows Server 2012 Essentials on the Home Tech Podcast in a epic 1 hour and 53 minute episode.

The action starts at approx. 7 minutes in and I recommend that you also watch the video feed as Christian takes us through the various screens and features:

Server 2012 Essentials:
I. Overview

II. Let’s Dig In:

  • TeamViewer Screen Sharing Session
  • Microsoft brag features
    • Data Protection, continued. Windows Server 2012 Essentials can perform complete system backups and bare-metal restores of the server itself as well as the client computers connected to the network—now with support for volumes larger than 2 terabytes. New with Windows Server 2012, the Microsoft Online Backup can be used to protect files and folders in a cloud-based storage service that is managed by Microsoft. Windows Server 2012 Essentials also centrally manages and configures the new File History feature of Windows 8 clients, helping users to recover from accidently deleted or overwritten files without requiring administrator assistance.
    • Anywhere Access. Remote Web Access provides a stream-lined, touch-friendly browser experience for accessing applications and data from virtually anywhere they have an Internet connection using almost any device. Windows Server 2012 Essentials also provides an updated Windows Phone app and a new Metro app for Windows 8 clients, allowing users to intuitively connect to, search across, and access files and folders on the server; files are also automatically cached for offline access and synchronized when a connection to the server becomes available.
    • Windows Server 2012 Essentials turns setting up virtual private networking (VPN) into a painless wizard-driven process of just a few clicks, and simplifies the management of VPN access for users. Client computers can leverage a VPN connection to remotely join the Essentials environment without the need to come into the office.
    • Workload Flexibility. Windows Server 2012 Essentials has been designed to allow customers the flexibility to choose which applications and services run on-premises and which run in the cloud. In previous versions, Windows Small Business Server Standard included Exchange Server as a component product, which added expense and complexity for customers who wished to leverage cloud-based messaging and collaboration services.
    • With Windows Server 2012 Essentials, customers can take advantage of the same integrated management experience whether they choose to run an on-premises copy of Exchange Server, subscribe to a hosted Exchange service, or subscribe to Office 365.
    • Extensibility. Windows Server 2012 Essentials builds on the extensibility model of Windows SBS 2011 Essentials, which allows other software vendors to add capabilities and features to the core product, and adds a new set of Web Services APIs. It also maintains compatibility with the existing software development kit (SDK) and Add-Ins created for Windows SBS 2011 Essentials.

You can catch the audio only from here, or (recommended) watch the video feed below:

The BYOB Podcast Episode 115


This week’s edition of the BYOB podcast is up:

“This week on the BYOB Podcast Samsung Series 5 Laptop, Slingbox 500, and the Roku3.”

BYOB episode 115 can be found here.

DON’T Run SFC on WS2012 Essentials

Running SFC (System File Checker) on WS2012 Essentials may corrupt it’s web configuration file.

After running the SFC command with option /scannow, the remote web access feature may be totally broken. This is because it could revert some critical changes applied by the server installation.

So the bottom line is DON’T run the System File Checker on WS2012e.

Running SFC (System File Checker) command may corrupt web configuration file

Thank to the "SBS Diva" for the link to the "FAST PUBLISH" article ID 2828269.

Add-In: Lights-Out v1.5.3 Build 1819 (Service Pack 3)

Lights-Out for WS2012e v1.5.2.1755 Beta - Status tab

The add-in Lights-Out is now available for for Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

As well as being available for Microsoft’s latest server offering, Lights-Out is also available for Windows 7, 8 running as a "Home server" or standard Windows Server too.

Here is the change log for the WS2012e version:

  • Official support for Windows Server 2012 Essentials – Windows Server 2012 Essentials is now officially supported by Lights-Out. Please have a look at the known issues!
  • Official support for Windows 8 – Windows 8 is now officially supported by Lights-Out.
  • New client context menu command for backup – This command performs a server wake-up, a backup and executes the action after backup with a single mouse click! That comes in handy if you want to run a backup after you finished your work.

Additional bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing next calendar events for a task which spans midnight and runs every day
  • Fixed high CPU load in client service if server is offline
  • Fixed missing status for Apple Mac and mobile devices
  • Fixed a problem with special characters in name of IP based devices
  • Fixed a problem with identity mapping in Mac Agent
  • Changed client standby action initiated from dashboard or Lights-Out Mobile App. Uses hibernation if configured as action after backup, standby otherwise.
  • Changed network monitor to better handle pulsed transmission used for example by XBMC
  • Changed uptime chart to suppress server if running 24/7 (Lights-Out configured to do nothing)
  • Added official support for Window Server 2012 Essentials
  • Added official support for Window 8
  • Added official support for Apple Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • Added better support for mobile devices in computer properties
  • Added detection for WebDAV issues in Mac Agent and Lights-Out Mobile
  • Added different product titles
  • Added backup command to client context menu (this combines wake-up, backup and action after backup)
  • Added backup command to command line client
  • Added correct sorting to all columns in computer tab
  • Added Polish translation

More details on Lights-Out are available from here.

Add-In: AWIECO RemoteLauncher v1.1.0

RemoteLauncher Box Shot

AWIECO have released an update to RemoteLauncher, the add-in which allows you to manage your SBS or WHS remotely from any computer on your network or the Internet. The add-in allows direct access to predefined system applications on the dashboard of a small business or home server.

The latest version (1.1.0), now officially supports WS 2012 Essentials as well as SBS 2011 Essentials and WHS 2011.

More details on RemoteLauncher can be found here.

The Home Server Show Podcast Episode 216


A mammoth 1 hour and 20 minutes of the Home Server Show this week and its all on Drive Extender alternatives for use on your Home Server:

I’ve got a full house for you on this episode.  These guys are here to tell you about their own experiences with the different Drive Extender products that are on the market today.  I’m talking about StableBit DrivePool, DriveBender, and Storage Spaces.  We are not comparing anything to RAID on this one.  It’s just about the products.  It’s a great show and I hope you like it.

You can find the audio here or watch the video feed below: