Create a New User Account Directly on the WHS

If you are going to install third party applications on your Windows Home Server like uTorrent, eMule, ORB etc. For security reasons it is best to do so under a new user account. Below I shall explain step by step how to accomplish this.

Using Remote Desktop Connection, (Start, Accessories) connect to your WHS as the Administrator. Once in click Start, All Programs, Administrative Tools then Computer Management.

In the left pane expand Local Users and Groups and highlight Users.

Computer Management

From the toolbar select Action then New User…

Fill in the details in the New User dialog making certain to un-tick the first checkbox and tick the second and third checkboxes only. NOTE: Once you untick the User must change password at next login the 2 items below it will not be greyed out. 

New User

Take a note of your User name and Password and then click the Create button.

Close the New User dialog.

Right-click the newly created user “WHS” and select Properties.

Select the Member Of tab and click the Add… button.

In the Enter the object names to select box type Administrators into the available text area.


click “Check Names” to make sure that you have typed it in correctly.



This is the image displayed when “Administrators” is typed in correctly.



This is the image displayed when “Administrator” in typed in incorrectly. Notice that the ending “s” is missing.


Now click the OK button and then click the OK button in the WHS Properties dialog.

Close the Computer Management windows.

Hit Start, Shut Down and then Restart your Windows Home Server.

You can now login and use this “WHS” account when installing third party software instead of using the administrative account and hopefully protecting your server a bit more in the process and if that software happens to be Torrent or P2P applications DO NOT forget to install AntiVrus software directly onto the Windows Home Server as well!

Windows Home Server Connectivity

I was looking at the Windows Home Server – Overview and Opportunity Powerpoint presentation from Microsoft’s WinHEC 2007 conference and thought that this slide was an excellent overview of the connectivity of WHS.


Downtime for Microsoft's WHS Forum

If you are a frequent visitor to the Microsoft Windows Home Server Forums please note that there may be some downtime Wednesday 20 June 2007 due to the forums being updated.

20 June 2007 UPDATE: As posted in the Microsoft WHS Forum, the forum upgrade has been re-scheduled
for Thursday 21 June 2007.

Video Tutorials and More

The German Ms Homeserver Blog has some great HowTo’s available. Installing an Ad-In,  Livenode configuration and new user setup are some of the ones available. Two of which are also available as videos to view online.

As stated since the site is in German here is a link to the HowTo’s page translated into English using Google Translate.

Tips and Tricks from Rambling Tom

Tom from the “Ramblings of a Home Server Tester” blog has added a great Tips and Tricks section. Tips for the week for June 18th include Windows Home Server Troubleshooting Guides for Client Join, Connector Install, Admin Console and Remote Access. All guides can be downloaded as .doc documents. He also has details on removing large log files on WHS to regain some space. Give it a read!

BOOK – Windows Home Server For Dummies

 Windows Home Server For Dummies

John Wiley & Sons “For Dummies” series will have a new addition. From 26 December 2007 “Windows Home Server For Dummies” will be released. This 384 page paperback by author Woody Leonhard will get you rolling with everything you need to know to set up and configure Home Server on your home network, add users, and start sharing photos, music, videos, and other files from any PC in the home.

It will also provide instruction on using Home Server to perform networking functions like back-up, virus scanning and protection, working with a print server, and managing the network remotely as well as accessing files you need when away from home or streaming your own media files to your laptop while on vacation.

Finally, it will show you how to get the most multimedia bang for your buck by doing things like managing your digital photo library, recording TV programs to the server, and streaming content from the server to your Xbox 360 for your living room enjoyment.

BOOK – Windows Home Server User’s Guide

 Windows Home Server User’s Guide by IT professional Andrew Edney

Available from APress,US from 29 October 2007 this 400 page paperback is a practical and comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and troubleshooting Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. Inside Windows Home Server User’s Guide, you’ll learn how to install, configure, and use Windows Home Server and understand how to connect to and manage different clients such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Media Center, and more. Its straightforward and easy-to-understand style will help you maximize all the benefits that Windows Home Server can bring. This guide includes the following:Step-by-step instructions for configurations
Lots of troubleshooting tips
Comprehensive coverage of different clients that can connect to, manage and be managed by Windows Home Server
Many useful illustrations for a quick-to-learn approach
Packed with handy hints, tips, and extensive walkthroughs to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible, author Andrew Edney is your expert guide to help you get the most out of Windows Home Server.

What you’ll learn

Discover the benefits of Windows Home Server.
Centrally back up all of your home machines.
Manage the configuration and operation of all computers in your household.
Configure centralized storage so all computers can store files in one location.
Bring many of the benefits of a Windows Server–based domain to your house without the overhead and expense of a traditional server product.
Understand how to monitor and maintain the health of all of your machines.

Who is this book for?

This book is for IT administrators, or anyone with some professional IT experience, who wants to learn about the Windows Home Server and how it can be used in their homes. Experience with Windows Server will be beneficial, but even with only some general computing experience, you will find this book a valuable companion to Windows Home Server.

WebGuide for WHS – Streaming media from WHS

The first beta of WebGuide for Windows Home Server is available for download. Webguide allows full streaming of videos/DVD, music and pictures remotely to computers outside your house so you can view them when away from home. If you also have a Media Centre computer running WebGuide then TV guide and live TV features are also supported.

For more details, the download and a great pdf install guide visit Doug Berrett at WebGuide. The support forum is also a good source of information and Microsoft’s WHS forum also have a related post available.

Whiist Website Management Add-In New version 0.6

Andrew Grant has updated his Whiist add-in for Windows Home Server.

Whiist is a website management add-in that allows you to create and manage webpages and links from the WHS console, which can then be accessed from your server’s web interface (remote access home page).


What’s New in version 0.6

  • New “Folder Picker” dialog
  • WHS “Look and Feel” to the user interface
  • Right-Click Menu for Websites and Links
  • Create robots.txt to prevent spiders
  • Split controls into a separate assembly
  • Choose/modify icons for local links
  • Bug Fixes

Download and Whiist Changelog

We Got Served – How To…

Terry Walsh over at We Got Served has written up 2 great How To’s: